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Will Bennett


I'm an Associate at Seedcamp. I spend my time finding the most exceptional technology entrepreneurs in Europe and Israel for us to commit to at the earliest stage.

I love the unsexy and difficult corners of software development; data infrastructure, cybersecurity, vertical market software, and lots more. The chance to partner with daring entrepreneurs who are unwilling to settle is why I work in venture and I firmly believe in the power of technology to change lives with access to new markets, tools, and untapped opportunity.

Prior to Seedcamp I worked at BCG and was one of the first operational hires at Tesseract, now Fuse Energy. At BCG, I spent my time making colourful slide decks and at Fuse, I worked across business development, M&A, customer success, product development and compliance for our flagship token. I studied a combination of Politics, Philosophy, and Classics at Cambridge and previously spent time learning Russian in St Petersburg.

I most enjoy discussing data streaming protocols or drone regulations, but I can also be found running on Hampstead Heath, having a cold lager in a cosy North London pub, or planning an outdoors adventure.