These Are The 22 Startups Attending Seedcamp Week London


The office is abuzz with energy… it’s Seedcamp Week! 22 exciting startups have travelled to London from as far as Hong Kong to spend the week presenting, learning and networking with over 200 of Europe’s top investors and mentors.

Introducing the teams

It wasn’t an easy task selecting just a handful of the hundreds of applicants that applied – in fact, this was one of the highest-quality groups of applicants we’ve seen – but we’re confident we’ve picked a strong group and can’t wait to see how they progress throughout the week! Each startup is working on an ambitious and disruptive technology, spanning a broad range of sectors including FinTech, eCommerce, EdTech, Media, and Analytics.

  • ArtGuru (London, UK) – An app that recognises artworks and suggests where to visit. Galleries get big data and a marketplace.
  • Assimilate (London, UK) – A visual collaboration tool for sharing knowledge about relationships.
  • Car Quids (London, UK) – Connecting brands with unique, targeted outdoor advertising spaces.
  • Clowdy (Manchester, UK) – A platform that gives creatives an identity to start their career and the network to grow.
  • Coinfetti (Bucharest, Romania) – Converting Bitcoins to fiat on your prepaid debit card.
  • (Wokingham, UK) – Google Docs for lawyers. Speeding up the process of drafting and reviewing contracts.
  • Data Smoothie (London, UK) – A software platform that revolutionises how data scientists analyse data and share results.
  • Edurio (Riga, Latvia) – Tools for schools to track their education quality and identify improvement opportunities.
  • HOKO (London, UK & Lisbon, Portugal) – A deep-linking platform for mobile apps, allowing apps to connect smoothly.
  • JOBDOH (Hong Kong) – A quick location based booking platform to get quality temporary workers for hospitality and exhibitions.
  • Magic Tab (London, UK) – A tabletop smart-menu that makes food look beautiful and takes orders and payments automatically too.
  • Queueco (London, UK) – An algorithmic market maker providing liquidity to digital currencies on a global scale.
  • Revolut (London, UK) – Revolut is the personal money cloud, a great alternative to banks.
  • Stockflare (London, UK) – Helping consumers pick stocks easily. Mission: to encourage millennials to save & invest well.
  • Teamlayer (Cambridge, UK) – Providing straight-forward team collaboration by connecting the user’s web apps on a central interface.
  • Travelchat (Cagliari, Italy) – Allowing travellers to chat with locals and get personalised travel tips in real time.
  • WealthKernel (London,UK) – SaaS provider of wealth management solutions focusing on simplified advice platforms for financial advisors.

Also joining us

Our seed fund allows us to invest in later-stage startups too, so we’re thrilled to announce some new investments who are going to be joining us for Seedcamp Week.

  • Cronofy (Nottingham/London, UK) – The unified calendar API that allows you to integrate your apps deeply within your customers’ lives.
  • Edgefolio (London, UK & New York, USA) – The platform connecting Hedge Funds and Allocators.
  • MarcoPolo (New York, USA) – A 21st century edutainment brand focused on sparking curiosity in young children about the wonders of the natural world.
  • Plastik (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Finding better ways to pay, with the ambitious goal of bridging known gaps in the financial world.

During the next few days these promising startups will present their companies to the Seedcamp investors and over 200 of Europe’s top mentors, advising in their areas of expertise; from Product to Finance to Marketing and beyond.

They’ll also hear two insightful masterclasses; Richard Moross (Founder & CEO of will be speaking about growing Moo into an internationally-recognised brand, and Alexander Trewby (Founder & COO of Divide) will share his journey growing Divide up until its recent acquisition by Google.

Of course, we couldn’t do this without the support of our amazing Seedcamp Week partners; Campus London who will be providing the space for the week, our friends at WhiteStar Capital, and Runway East and Second Home where we’ll be holding our renowned after-parties!

Look out for a very special announcement in the coming weeks, as we’ll be investing in some of the participating Seedcamp Week startups.

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If you’re a startup founder interested in applying to Seedcamp, applications for May’s Seedcamp Week Berlin will be opening on Monday 9th February. So check back at our website for the official announcement or keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook for details.

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