THIS raises $1m seed round to bring delicious, plant-based meat alternatives to UK consumers

The world is changing, and we are fast awakening to the realities of our impact on the planet and looking at ways we can adapt our own habits and consumption.

But these changes can be difficult, unrealistic or downright unpleasant. This was experienced first-hand by the co-founders of our latest investment and THIS is what happens when two meat-lovers check out meat-free food in a bid to reduce their own impact and realise they hate the taste of all of it.

Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman are not your average plant-based food founders. Their last company was a burger chain and they sold tonnes of meat a year, before realising that tomorrow’s food will be the stuff that today’s food eats – plants.

We are hugely excited by their bold ambition, to take plant-based eating away from the socks-with-sandals wearers and bring it firmly into the mainstream, and to support them as part of their $1m seed round.

The team have been working tirelessly on R&D over the past two years to create the best-tasting meat-alternative products and have partnered with world-leading texture scientists and flavourists, their guiding-star always their love of meat. Only products that can fool a carnivore into thinking they’re eating meat, will make it onto shelves. Most meat-lovers just don’t like squishy tofu.

Carlos comments, “Consumers, including myself, are increasingly looking for ways to continue to enjoy meat-based products whilst at the same time reducing our impact on the environment. Part of the reason plant-based meat alternatives have failed to make it into the mainstream is because they’ve just tasted bad. We are incredibly excited to back Andy and Pete as they have not only enabled consumers to have better and more sustainable choices available, but also created an incredible tasting range of products that has the potential to truly help those looking to make changes to their meat consumption to do so in a sustainable and – importantly – enjoyable way. The fact they’ve already been taken on by a national retail chain and in major restaurants validates demand and the incredible effort the team has put into creating the most delicious plant-based meat alternative I’ve ever tasted.”

Using peas and soya beans as their base, the 8 launch products consist of ISN’T BACON rashers, ISN’T CHICKEN pieces, goujons and meaty ready-to-eat snacks. THIS has already secured nationwide distribution and will be available across 650 Holland & Barrett stores and providing meat-free alternatives in one of London’s best-loved burger joints, Patty & Bun.

To follow the journey and hear all of their juicy news first hand, check out @THIS.UK Instagram page which has gained over 10k followers in just over 3 months.  

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