Twenty one new startups in one weekend: Seedhack Fashion and Online Retail

This weekend, over 100 hackers came down to Campus in London for Seedhack with only one goal; to disrupt fashion and online retail. After a long weekend of prototyping, building, presenting (and getting through a fridge full of Red Bull and a huge stack of pizzas); twenty one new startups came to life.

Seedhack Fashion and Online Retail

We would like to thank our sponsors who made the event possible: HarperCollins, Net-A-Porter, M&SDomain.Me and the Seedcamp sponsors supporting this event: PayPal and Yammer. We would also like to thank Rackspace for sponsoring the drinks on Thursday.

Friday kicked off with three great keynote speeches from Nick Perrett (Group Director, Strategy and Digital at HarperCollins Publishers), Nick Cust (Director of ECommerce at NET-A-PORTER.COM) and Devin Hunt (CPO / cofounder at Lyst) who provided a lot of inspiration to the participants. They were followed by API speakers from HarperCollins, ASOS, Google, Net-A-Porter, Imagga and Paypal who explained how their technology could be used in the projects (most of the final projects included at least one of the technologies presented) and an introduction to Lean Canvas by Jon Gold.

The queue to pitch ideas stretched to the back of the room, quickly teams were formed and the real work could begin. After working late into the night on Friday, the teams were back in action early in the morning on Saturday with some even running to Oxford Street to talk to customers to validate their ideas from the night before. Saturday afternoon brought another great set of mentors to Campus which helped the teams with their business and API questions. After another late night, Sunday was spent putting the final touches on the products and presentations and, by 3pm, 21 new startups had been formed; a record number for Seedhack.

The judges were very impressed by the quality of the projects and how much had been achieved in such a short time but were given the difficult task of selecting an overall winner and four runners-up. We would like to thank the judges: Carlos E. EspinalTom MontgomeryJon GoldJohanna Kollmann and Simon Cast.

Each member of the winning team received an awesome prize, but we were so impressed that we also extended an invitation to attend Seedcamp Berlin in May to the winner.

Please check out the winners and the great projects they built during the weekend:


Seedhack Winner: Relist

Relist – The global marketplace of excess luxury fashion for both off-price (professional) fashion buyers and boutiques/designers.

Team: Sara Gordon, Ivan Mazour, Gianluca Trombetta, Manu Matute and Laurence Greenberg.


Runners up

Fastest-to-Market Award: Checkout Anywhere

Checkout Anywhere – Affiliate platform for publishers to sell products featured within editorial content using responsive checkout widgets.

Team: Harpal Singh, Robert Franks and Jun Seki

Best Gamified Fashion Award: Fashion Intern

Fashion Intern – A Facebook game to crowdsource fashion metadata.

Team: Ben Dixon, Travis Street, Huw Walters, Rachel Cosford and Christiaan Hendriksen

Fit & Finish Award: Colourtag Me

Colourtag Me – Use colour analysis to find clothes that will suit.

Team: Jessica Healy, Alastair Lee, Barry Macmahon, Mart Karu and Kaido Treial.

Orthogonal Award: – Helps co-ordinate group purchases.

Team: Maxim Cramer, Sara Gozalo and Alex Powell


All the teams that presented on Sunday: (in the order they presented):

  • – Helps co-ordinate group purchases.
  • CrowdFit – Increases ecommerce sales conversion rates, decreases ecommerce return rates.
  • The Fashion Intern – A Facebook game to crowdsource fashion metadata.
  • Snoop – Snoop will find out when your items go on sale, so you don’t have to.
  • CheckoutAnywhere – Affiliate platform for publishers to sell products featured within editorial content using responsive checkout widgets.
  • Shop via Command Line (BRANDiD Engineering Team– Shop via Command Line is the easiest way for developers to order their clothing from BRANDiD.
  • Ama Designers – Crowd-Funding for Jewellery
  • The Fitting Boutique  – Provides one-stop shop to individual customers to create their own retail experience and to free them from the stress of dealing with delivery and returns.
  • StyleVote – Stylevote helps fashion retailers to produce more of what customers want and less of what they don’t by involving them in the pre-production process.
  • CatwalkWear – Matching catwalk looks with high street items.
  • My Perfect Fit – We match your body measurement to the individual garment measurements to recommend you the right size to buy.
  • TAB.IT – TAB.IT makes shopping easy. No more messy open pages!
  • Blinc – Send a picture, see their instant reaction
  • relist – The global marketplace of excess luxury fashion for both off-price (professional) fashion buyers and boutiques/designers.
  • Tango Studio – Helping fashion brands to create more styles that customer love to buy by involving them during the range creation process.
  • Pinsur – Product discovery that offers unique range of ethnic fashion products from brands around the world.
  • Rentez-Vous – Rentez-Vous allows girls to rent clothes to each others and unlocks the hidden value of their clothes for an accessible and sustainable fashion.
  • Fashion Combined – Connects retailers and consumers around the hottest products, and those that the retailers most want to sell. Automated platform using Retailer data to put products in front of consumers in an easy to use and intuitive format.
  • Photoshoot – We enable people to share what they’re wearing and build fashion conversations based on location, occasion and time.
  • Colourtag Me – Use colour analysis to find clothes that will suit.
  • ManBag – Saving men from the high street. Allowing women to shop till they drop.


Check out some great photos from the event:

And a short video:


A huge thanks again to everyone who participated this weekend, we are already looking forward to the next edition of Seedhack which is planned for later this year.

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