Ukraine – Seedcamp on hyperdrive

As you know I have been writing about Seedcamp going on the Road and we’re finding a great level of interest from start-ups all across Europe wanting to apply and be a part of the September event. In the meantime though we have realized that we also have an opportunity to continue to help build the ecosystem connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors all together. Therefore we decided to do both: provide a forum where this ecosystem can come together across Europe and identify up and coming entrepreneurs/teams with some very ambitious business ideas.

One such geography where we see a lot of great technical talent but where start-ups need more nurturing and support to expand their companies beyond 2 big markets is Ukraine. We all know there are many talented developers and tech experts in Ukraine but we see fewer companies emerge into the more mainstream global sphere. We are hoping to help change this by taking 15-20 mentors from W. Europe over to Ukraine and immersing everyone in an intensive 2-day Seedcamp session where the mentors and teams will have a chance to interact very closely and start to establish closer ties. We will also gain a better introduction to startups in Ukraine and they’ll have a valuable opportunity to interact with 40-50 of the best mentors across Europe.

Seedcamp Ukraine is open to start-ups across Ukraine and Russia who can come for this event in Kiev on May 21 and 22. If your team is from Ukraine/Russia and you are ambitious about solving problems on a global scale and are looking to start your company to do this, we’d love to have you apply to participate. Through this event we will also be choosing 1-2 teams out of the 20 that attend to directly participate in the main Seedcamp event in September in London.

If you want to participate in Seedcamp, live in Ukraine/Russia and have been thinking through how to get exposure for your business/idea and who to approach, this should prove a phenomenal opportunity to learn a lot. Do check out the Ukraine link and apply!

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