Vantik: The world’s first fully digital private pension for milennials

A new investment from us out of Berlin as we back Til Klein and Lara Hämmerle, co-founders of Vantik – the world’s first fully digital private pension for millennials – as part of their 850.000 EUR pre-seed round. We’re delighted to invest in the round alongside Atlantic Labs and high-profile angel investors including the likes of Maximilian Tayenthal, co-founder of German FinTech company, N26.

Vantik is the first startup to create a private pension customized especially to the needs of young people, young professionals, and freelancers. With this concept, Vantik wants to fundamentally change the private pension market in Europe. Vantik concentrates on digital technology and a newly developed model of a peer-based security buffer.

Vantik is the brainchild of co-founders Til Klein, ex-BCG partner, and Lara Hämmerle. On the launch Lara, aged 26, comments, “From my generation’s view all existing private pensions are simply out of touch. We want to offer a private pension that’s finally understandable and will adjust flexibly to your current life situation.”

Til Klein, adds, “The high-profile investors we’ve attracted to this round shows the interest in the private pension market and its enormous potential. With Atlantic Labs, Seedcamp and Tayenthal behind us we are opened up to a wealth of experience and an amazing network to help us as we launch first in the German market before then taking Vantik worldwide.”

On the investment, Seedcamp Partner, Sia Houchangnia comments, “We’ve been looking for innovations around the way Europeans save for retirement for a while and with Til and Lara, we believe we found the perfect team to go after this huge untapped opportunity. By offering a flexible and reliable digital, private pension, Vantik perfectly fits the needs of millennials and the way the future of work is shaping up.”


In contrary to traditional private pension products, Vantik is completely digital and adjustable to the needs of the user. Customers can change their savings rate at any time and are able to access their money whenever they want to. Also, they can close their private pension plan and administer it digitally.

Vantik uses the opportunity of the capital market to offer a significantly better return while sustaining lower costs than any life insurance. And thanks to the peer-based security buffer all customer contributions are secured at retirement. This buffer creates a hedge against the risk of potential loses at a much lower cost than any insurance or individual solution.


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