Video pitch competition results

The results are in! Congratulations to Billion in a Year, who have garnered the most votes and officially win the competition.

This video pitch competition was an experiment of sorts for us, and one we consider to be successful – successful enough that we’re thinking of integrating video pitches into our main application next year. If we continue to hold a voting competition we’ll have to try to create something that doesn’t resemble a pure popularity contest, as noted by Chris in the comments of a previous entry – not to take anything away from our winner.

We got a great batch of teams pitching their ideas, and we’d encourage anyone thinking of pitching to have a look through them. For those looking to practice their pitching skills – and almost prospective start-up should – Techcrunch have their Elevator Pitches site with a very active community providing feedback.

Special thanks to both Loïc Le Meur of Seesmic and David Lenehan of PollDaddy for helping to originate the idea, and also for assistance in putting this together rapidly and smoothly.

And of course thanks to all the teams who contributed – if you also applied to Seedcamp we’ll tie your pitch to your application for the judges to see, so it can do nothing but help your chances.

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