Visibly raises $7.5 million to redesign infrastructure training 

The UK and many countries across Europe face major labour shortages in the infrastructure sectors. Blue- and green-collar workers – who play a key role in the transition to a more sustainable economy and national scale infrastructure improvements – need better digital access to training to do their jobs safely and keep up with the latest technological innovation. 

This is why we are excited to back Visibly, a tech platform that aims to rebuild regulated training for the infrastructure sector from the ground up. By giving skilled workers the training they deserve, the UK-based company is on a mission to enable blue- and green-collar workers to have a career with impact. 

Founded in 2021 by Kane St Quintin, who previously built construction company Pickr, Visibly’s groundbreaking certification-as-a-service platform broadens the range of regulated certifications available to blue- and green-collar workforces, so they can overcome the labour shortages that limit action on the climate crisis and national infrastructure improvements. 

Visibly’s user-first technology gives workers on-demand education that adapts to their individual capabilities and translates to the world around them. Furthermore, it provides access to advantages office workers take for granted when undergoing training, like peer-to-peer feedback and expert-led coaching. 

Kane St Quintin, Founder and CEO at Visibly emphasises:

“Think of someone digging a hole (excavating). Sounds simple, but hit a high-pressure pipeline and you’ve got fatal consequences. It’s a dangerous task – so how is it taught? In a classroom, with a 20-question written assessment. This is clearly ridiculous. It’s situations like this – and their larger-scale impact – that we’ve set out to change.” 

Visibly’s clients include Hitachi, Kier, and SRL. Alison Spooner, SRL’s Service Director comments:

“Giving our users ongoing access to expert-led training and testing their competence through Visibly makes sure they’re doing their jobs safely and effectively. Visibly is a vital tool for us as we look to expand our user base.”

On why we invested, Kate McGinn from our investment team highlights: 

“Climate action needs more than just great equipment to transition to net-zero; we need skilled tradespeople to build, install, and upkeep our changing infrastructure. Visibly is the answer to our critical shortage of ‘green-collar’ workers; we’re thrilled to be backing Kane and his team on this mission.”

We are excited to participate in Visibly’s $7.5 million funding round led by our friends at Creandum, alongside Brighteye Ventures, Triple Point, and prominent business angels, including Herbert Sablotny, Celia Francis, and Nick Kingsbury.

Visibly’s team includes Chief Learning Officer Kirsten Campbell-Howes (ex-Busuu, Chegg). The latest round of funding will be used to build the Visibly team and accelerate product development and the breadth of regulated certifications it offers.

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