We are growing – and looking for you!

At Seedcamp, we are still a very tiny team – we are only 2.5 full time employees, thankfully supported by eager interns and formidable fellows every now and then. Over the past couple of years, we have added more and more Seedcamp events to the calendar, now even reaching out beyond Europe. This increase of reach makes it challenging to keep up with a small team, so we are looking for two people to join us.
First is the Events and Sponsors Manager position – we need you to help us organising all the nitty gritty around Seedcamp events, finding partners and sponsors, and making the events run as smoothly as they ever have. Obviously, this position also covers a wide array of tasks in the back office like overseeing the application process, PR initiatives, outreach to the community and other exciting Seedcamp projects that we want to start in the coming months. If you are experienced in public relations, event organisation and related areas and enthusiastic about the startup and tech scene in Europe, apply for this position – more info here.
The second open position is a longer term internship, as our current intern Indre is leaving for Lithuania at the end of August. We are looking for a high-powered student or graduate with an impressive academic background to help out around the office and events for about 3 to 6 months. If you are passionate about startups and are thinking about being a founder yourself: This is the best opportunity to meet people, find out about the european tech scene, and kick around ideas with smart people. Find more details here.
Both positions are based in London – feel free to reach out and apply by emailing Philipp. Please include information about your background, experience, your work with startups and tech companies, and everything else you feel is relevant for the job. The job descriptions for the Events and Sponsors Manager and internship positions should tell you more about our requirements.

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