We couldn't have done it without our Seedcamp Supporters

As our Mini Seedcamp 2009 tour has ended and we start gearing up for Seedcamp Week in September, we wanted to reach out and send a special thanks to all of our Seedcamp Sponsors and Supporters who have helped us achieve great milestones in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Europe in 2009.

Without their hard work, dedication and belief in the Seedcamp programme, we’d probably be pitching tents across camp sites in Europe and attracting wildlife, instead of holding Mini Seedcamps in uber cool and prestigious venues and attracting the best web-tech talent Europe has to offer.

And so, in order of the Mini Seedcamp tour we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to:

Mini Seedcamp Tel Aviv: IDC Herzliya

Mini Seedcamp Paris: Elaia Partners Ballou PR Microsoft Orrick Sun Start Up Essentials

Mini Seedcamp Warsaw: The Agora Center Aula Future Invest Imago Public Relations SID Banka Sun Startup Essentials

Mini Seedcamp London: NESTA Microsoft Six Degrees PR Sun Startup Essentials Brown Rudnick Orrick

Mini Seedcamp Helsingborg: Arctic Startup City of Helsingborg Cloudberry Communications Kullaflyg MINC Navet Öhrlings Price Waterhouse Coopers Joachim Samuelsson, Biomain Setterwalls SHIP Swedish Startups Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy

Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana: Club of Slovenian Business Angels Poteza Ventures Eagle Ventures Futura PR netokracija RSG Ventures Sun Startup Essentials Technology Park Llubjana Zemanta UKTI

Mini Seedcamp Berlin: gruenderlexikon gruenderszene Berlin School of Economics and Law Microsoft Schwartz PR Sun Startup Essentials UKTI VC Magazin

We have met many amazing teams and mentors along the way and we hope to see and work again with you next year and beyond!

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