Web 2.0 Expo Update

We were really happy with how many great folks joined in at The Getting Started session at the Web 2.0 Expo. More than 60% of the room was made up of entrepreneurs from Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, UK, and many other countries. Fantastic to see so many start-ups. We got a lot of candid conversation from Seedcampers about raising funding and learning to focus their businesses. We also combined a group of entrepreneurs, Angel investors, and VCs to get a diverse view on getting a company started. We then broke things up for a lot more 1:1 interaction.

We want to thank the wonderful group of mentors on the panel and in the audience. Lukasz Gadowski of Spreadshirt, Stefan Tirtey of Doughty Hanson, Oliver Beste of FoundersLink, Max Niederhofer of Atlas Venture, Paul Jozefak of Neuhaus, and Christophe Maire of gate5 and now an investor as well shared their different perspectives on starting up and raising capital. During the mixer between entrepreneurs and mentors I overheard many getting feedback on their ideas, ask questions, and share their ideas. Thank you to all the mentors that came in from outside Germany and a special thanks to the local mentors such as Olivier Schuepbach of Wellington, Gayathri Radhakrishnan of Earlybird, Oren Michaels of Mashery all the way from California, Eric Wahlforss of Soundcloud, Gerald Heydenreich of BuyVIP, and Bjoern Baehre of Result.

I was also excited to see some more investors from Netherlands and Austria. Finally, we turned the tables on the Seedcampers. Instead of being in the audience, we had them on a panel answering some hard questions about their Seedcamp experience and how they are continuing to build their businesses.

Thank you to the entire Seedcamp community for taking part. Nice to see some Seedcamp applicants in the room too such as easyCity and

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