Welcome Dreamdata to the Seedcamp Nation – providing data-driven growth for B2B companies

Dreamdata Co-founders Lars Grønnegaard, Ole Dallerup and Steffen Hedebrandt

We’ve seen great success with companies founded out of Copenhagen and are excited to add another pioneering startup from the region to the Seedcamp Nation with our investment in Dreamdata as part of their $535,000 round. We’re excited to invest alongside leading early-stage Nordic investors including The Nordic Web Ventures, Futuristic VC, Preseed Ventures and David Helgason – co-founder of Unity.

Founded by experienced operators Ole Dallerup, Lars Grønnegaard and Steffen Hedebrandt, Dreamdata is out to holistically mirror every digital touchpoint of the B2B buyer’s journey and lifetime value through their revenue data platform, enabling actionable analysis of what drives B2B revenue.

On the investment our Partner, Tom Wilson, comments:

The problem of attribution is something that we’ve seen come up across numerous companies within the Seedcamp portfolio so we immediately understood and could see huge value in the Dreamdata proposition. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to back Lars, Ole and Steffen who we see as the ideal team to build Dreamdata into a market-leading business.”

In B2B, no buying decision is made on the spot. This means you’re bound to struggle to associate first brand impressions with revenue generated at a later point in time. 

A B2B transaction simply takes multiple touches and impressions. This makes it hard to justify spending on ads as well as other marketing activities, which results in a lot of B2Bs growing at a slower rate than what they actually could be. 

Everything from user behavior to traffic sources, digital tools used by each department along with CRM and revenue info is considered in the analysis in order to be able to holistic attribution of the B2B customer journey. 

This enables companies to do and understand B2B attribution, LTV of ads, measure content ROI, benchmark growth, predict revenue and make decisions on what efforts to scale next. 

Lars Grønnegaard, CEO and Cofounder of Dreamdata elaborates: 

“During the early days of our work at Trustpilot, the sales team used to be given 100% credit of all revenue created. Knowing that the product delivered thousands of business leads every month, while marketing and customer success also did their thing, this intuitively did not seem correct or perhaps even fair. A business is just one business and you need to understand value creation holistically. You need to assign value to every single touchpoint, not just the salesperson that closes a deal. 

That’s what we set out to and succeeded to fix firstly at Trustpilot. Now we’re building to make it possible for all B2B business to understand what’s going on when one company is purchasing a product from another company.”

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