We're back in Town – London, last Mini Seedcamp before SC Week

In the last year, we have gone from investing in individual companies solely at the yearly Seedcamp Week to investing in startups throughout the year and backing more startups than ever. We are now investing after almost every local Mini Seedcamp event, to find companies not only in the right place, but also at the right time. This, however, does not take the crown from Seedcamp Week being the main flagship event every year – it is still one week of incredible action in terms of mentorship, connections, and biz dev opportunities. It will also be an opportunity to back more winners.


Mini Seedcamp London, August 11, 2011

The only way to participate in Seedcamp Week (just like last year) is to visit one of our local Mini Seedcamp events, make it to the Investment Interview stage, and be invited to Seedcamp Week. Today, we announce Mini Seedcamp London, which will be the last opportunity to be considered for Seedcamp Week 2011, which will take place in early September.

As always, we will have the best of London’s and Europe’s internet technology mentors invited, mentoring the participating 20 startups, giving their feedback to improve chances of success, and networking like crazy. Applications are open as of today – go here and apply to let us know about your company and team. The deadline is on 24th July, and as we’ve seen time and again – it’s a good idea to finish your application early, so you don’t have to rush it on the last day (or even through the night).


Why should you apply?

Well, London is our home turf, so we traditionally have the greatest and best companies and mentors attending. Also and especially is Seedcamp London the last chance to get into Seedcamp Week this year. That means, if selected, your team will get the double boost of mentoring and connections – not to speak of the Seedcamp Investment, year-long support, and access to the founders’ pack of offers from our Seedcamp Founders Sponsors.

Find out more about our process on our new website, read up on how to prepare a kick ass application, and make sure to apply on time for Seedcamp London – Deadline is 24th July.


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