Why Seedcamp is the best place to be an Intern

  • Are you a tech graduate or soon-to-be-one?
  • Live in London or planning to move here very soon?
  • You look into starting a start-up on your own or joining another one in a few months time?
If you answered most of the Questions positively – wait no further… 

I’m Jakob Marovt (@jmarovt). Joined Seedcamp as an intern last autumn and have loved every single minute of it. Why?


Seedcamp operates as a normal startup Your hands and decision are free – if you have a good idea, you can implement it and get it going (ranging from new types of events to some specific in-house work-flow optimizations).


At Seedcamp you work within an A-class team From my own experience they are amazingly dedicated knowledgeable people who know what are they are doing and what they are aiming to be: the very best place to jumpstart the entrepreneurial community in Europe and beyond. Yes, they are aiming super high, but you want that, don’t you?


At Seedcamp and it’s associated events you get to meet inspiring, positively oriented people aiming to change the world for a better place. Ranging from entrepreneurs, best-of-class engineers, lawyers and all the way to the top-tier investors. Believe me – it’s a very special, invigorating feeling being in a room packed full with entrepreneurial spirit. I am sure everyone aiming to make a difference in the start-up community would love to be a part of it.
At Seedcamp you see new companies coming on board and join the Seedcamp family. A random SC story: I first got familiar with two guys when they wrote their first application and applied to one of the events; me and the rest of the team quickly saw something in them and their private beta. They amazed everyone at the event and subsequently joined the Seedcamp family as new Winners. Fast forward 3 months and the same two guys everyone first met 3 months ago are now fully based in London, hiring new people in their first real office and raising a proper institutional round. This is what we all aim and aspire to – as an Intern at Seedcamp I got to meet, befriend, and learn from this kind of people and hopefully helped them in a small part to build the mosaic together. 

Seedcamp is the perfect springboard into the start-up community In the end, many fruitful relationships arose from my Seedcamp experience and I am sure it will prove life-changing for me in the end run. For starters, I’m joining one of the Seedcamp portfolio companies next month.

Seriously, it can’t get more exciting!

— If you would like to see what the Seedcamp crew thinks and writes about on a daily basis, then this blog and Twitter are your best friends: follow our great partners Reshma (@rsohoni) and Carlos (@ceduardo), awesome associate Philipp (@pmoehring) and the newest addition, general manager Kirsten (@k1rstc).

It’s already a dream team – make it an extra special one by applying for the Intern position now!

P.s.: I’m more than happy to answer all your questions regarding Seedcamp and the Intern position – feel free to give me a call:
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