Why you should apply to Seedcamp in 2011

Although the year is winding down, we are busy preparing Seedcamp on the 25th of January in London. We are working hard to make the event an even better Seedcamp experience for both the entrepreneurs and mentors alike. On top of it, we are seeing seeds of our last years’ work (Seedcamp’s expansion to new geographies), as teams have been applying from all over the world. Therefore, we are set for an outstanding and trully diversified entrepreneurship event at Nesta‘s London premises.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur still considering applying for the event, then check out entrepreneurs’ impressions from our previous events to make your decision a little easier:

“You realize you can take ideas so much further. And with the help of Seedcamp network – you know you can do it.”

“Really really good, it was really constructive.”

“Using the network that Seedcamp provides, is going to make Wordy a really really good business!”

Eager to see and read more about Seedcamp? Besides this blog, there are various other resources on the site (video section, wiki, presentations, etc.) and they are there to help you get even more familiar with what we do. But not only that – they are also a great way to learn from the experience of Seedcamp related entrepreneurs and mentors all with a mission to help you get your business off the ground.

Apply to be part of Seedcamp on the 25th of January – deadline for applications is the 12th of January.

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