Our first ever Mini Seedcamp Helsingborg attracted a variety of interesting ideas from rich media and cloud computing, to rich interfaces and a few mobile ideas well. With the majority of applications coming from Denmark and Sweden, we also had a few notables from Norway, Finland, Israel and Estonia as part of our final top 20.

And so without further ado, here they are:

Blazing Red
Önders et Gonas
Red Apple Apartments
Senseboard AB
The Cloudo Company
Witsbits AB

The 20 teams will converge on 5th May at the SHIP in Helsingborg, where they’ll be able to show us what they’ve got and engage with distinguished mentors and learn from 50 local and European industry movers and shakers including VC’s, Investors and product specialists in HR, PR, Product and Marketing.

We can’t wait to see you all in Helsingborg and remember teams – prep, prep, prep!

Yesterday was another great start-up day in London as we spent the morning getting to know the 5 winners of Seedcamp London a little bit better and in the afternoon, headed to Techcrunch Geek ‘n Rolla . Out of the 350 in the audience, probably 70-80% were early stage startups so we knew we had to deliver a relevant message to this group particularly. The speakers were mostly local startups (Ian from Songkick and Lesley from Hubdub and experienced founders and advisors like William Reeve and Fred Destin and I think that’s what made the presentations so powerful. This means that from a speaker point of view, we had to deliver useful and significant value and knowledge, and from the audience point of view, we could relate and trust the speakers. This is one of the secret sauce elements that drives momentum in the Valley ecosystem and I am immensely pleased to say, we are seeing that same momentum here in London. The quality of the presentations I saw were excellent, succinct, and very useful.

I gave a 15 minute presentation on Business Models for startups. As per request, here it is below. My main objective was to spend as little time talking about Advertising as possible, and to give a lot of examples of emerging companies and success stories of bigger companies that utilize the business models that best leverage the customer and the value proposition by the company. Here are a few key takeaways:

What I’d like folks reading this to do is provide more examples in the comments of startups that are using each of these models and off course feel free to list others that aren’t here. I was not trying to be exhaustive in my list. Am sure your co-startups will appreciate any advice

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Today’s Mini Seedcamp London was simply awesome. A packed out day with almost 100 mentors, 20 teams, and a busy Seedcamp team bringing it all together.

Without further ado the winning teams are:
CityOdds Ltd
Patients Know Best
Sentry Wireless
Timetric (Inkling Software)

Tomorrow they will be presenting and answering questions from Seedcamp’s investment committee who will consider making an investment. Check the blog soon for an update on how that went.

Thanks to all our sponsors – Sixdegrees, UKTI, Microsoft, Orrick, NESTA, Sun, Brown Rudnick, and Robert for flying all the way from Warsaw to be our photographer!

The most recent crop of Mini Seedcamp finalists show that while the venue may in based in London, not all the teams who applied are. In the final 20 are teams from France, Ireland, Lithuania, Denmark, Romania and Estonia!

Our message is loud and clear – teams can apply to ANY mini Seedcamp.

London is clearly a popular hub. We have seen a surge of mentors and teams express interest in attending the event. Monday is going to be an exciting day – keep check on the blog for updates.

We will be encouraging mentors and teams to attend OpenCoffee on Tuesday morning so why not come and join in? Sign up here http://www.meetup.com/opencoffee/

With a record-breaking number of applications for Mini Seedcamp London, we are very happy to finally announce our top 20 teams that will be strutting their stuff to an esteemed group of mentors on 20th April 2009 at NESTA.

The quality and diversity of the submissions was superb, with our Seedcamp twitter page peppered with positive tweets and excitement from our mentors on the teams.

Without further ado, our 20 chosen teams are:

Art and You Boxed Ice Brainient BraveNewTalent.com CityOdds Ltd Comufy.com (Chootta Ltd) CovertCandy GymFu Imagga Bulgaria Ltd. iPlatform jobwhizz.com Lila.io Lovestruck Patients Know Best Plink Sentry Wireless sfeed Timetric (Inkling Software) VouChaCha

The teams will have a chance to show off their talent and engage with distinguished mentors along and learn from over 70 top European industry movers and shakers including VC’s, Investors and product specialists in HR, PR, Product and Marketing.

We look forward to meeting the teams face to face and being impressed by the awesome line up of web-tech talent and mentors the region has to offer.

It’s a great feeling when you’re working hard to get a few messages across and you reach a point when you can see your target market starting to pick them up. As Seedcamp grows up, we’ve been evolving our mission and our communication and it’s taking hold.

We’ve been positively astounded by the over 100 applications submitted to the Mini Seedcamp London and from the wide distribution of countries where they are coming from: Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Estonia, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, France, Gibraltar, Russia, and even Australia. Thanks for the interest and good luck to all teams. The competition will be fierce and that’s a great thing!!

So, we’ll keep pushing these messages and thanks to the 60 teams from all over Europe and Israel that we’ve already met in 2009 and who’ve helped us spread this message. To those who missed this round, please apply to Helsingborg or Ljubljana in the next few weeks.

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