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The Seedcamp Nation brings together the world’s best talent to fuel your next stage of growth

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We know most funds talk these days about the power of their network and the need to support companies beyond just injecting cash. This is something that’s been integral to us since we started Seedcamp, some 15 years ago, and remains core to our DNA today.

Don’t just take our word for it. You can ask Taavet, who co-founded a business you might have heard of, called Wise, and who we supported on the fundraising journey when many other VCs refused to take a chance. You could also talk to Daniel, who we backed early in his founding journey as a Bucharest-based entrepreneur and who is now at the helm of NYSE-listed UIPath.

Or you could speak to Natasha at SurfBoard, who we introduced to one of her first customers through our expert network, or Safia at ClubZero, who we helped devise her first ad campaign. We love nurturing talent within the Seedcamp Nation so whether it’s Kyran who started as our intern and then spent four years on our investment team before leaving to found Outverse – which we, of course – invested in or Sebastian at Ben who came up with the idea for the business while an Expert In Residence with us. Whether it’s helping with landing that first key hire; customer or providing guidance when it’s needed the most, the Seedcamp Nation is the most powerful network on your journey to building your business.

We don’t just give you the capital. We do the hard work together with you. With our now 490-strong and ever-growing Seedcamp Nation and our Europe- and US-wide expert network, we help you throughout your company-building journey. From finding your first hires or customers to achieving product market fit and expanding internationally, we are here for you and your team.

We also look to our founders and network to help identify and back Europe’s next big talent. With some of the largest raises in Europe, public listings (UiPath, NYSE: PATH; Wise, LON: WISE), acquisitions by major companies, and multi-billion dollar valuations, our startups go on to achieve great things.