Last week’s Mini Seedcamp in Ljubljana saw some great content created which we wanted to share with you. This includes photos, talks about getting media coverage, winning Seedcamp and building global tech companies – read on to check it out.

At the OpenCoffee in conjunction with www:h held at the eclectic meetup space/computer museum Kiberpipa prior to the Mini Seedcamp, Dragos from UberVU gave an insightful talk on How to Win Seedcamp.

How To Win Seedcamp

View more presentations from Seedcamp .

You can view the video from that talk and one by Reshma, Seedcamp’s CEO, talking about how to build global tech startups below.

During the Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana, Mike Butcher from TechCrunch Europe gave a great talk on dealing with the media. Thanks to Video Lectures you can now watch it in it’s glory including the accompanying slides.

Mike Butcher, Editor of TechCrunch Europe – Dealing with the Media

There were also some keen photographers in the audience such as Hannes a. Schwetz, thanks to him for taking these great snaps.

Seedcamp 2008 finalistsDecisions For Heroes‘ launches to today, with a software programme aimed to help 999 rescuers across the board to make better decisions that will save more lives.

Identifying that better decisions save lives, the software Decisions For Heroes was created to monitor response readiness, team availability, valid qualifications, and experience. Armed with a laptop and internet connection, 999 responders can record the details of their rescue operations and training exercises.

The software automatically performs analytical charting, draws heatmaps, and benchmarks reports to outline areas of strength, weakness and expertise, and organisations are granted the ability to share data and perform paperless reporting between their teams. Easy-to-generate statistics can be used to observe patterns, educate potential casualties, and reduce accidents in a community….click to read more.

Congratulations Decision For Heroes!

Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana saw 20 of the best early stage startups from all over the region participate in an action packed day of mentoring and presentations.

A popular vote decided the three winners who are (in alphabetical order)… Shoutem, Viidea and Yasmo Live.

For the first time this year at a mini event we selected a team to come directly to the interviews for Seedcamp Week in London – this was Viidea. Their success really is a testament to the high quality of teams we saw from the region.

Mike Butcher, Editor of Techcrunch Europe gave a fantastic talk on dealing with the media – we hope to get this online ASAP as it is knowledge every startup should know.

We have already seen some great blogs ( and tweets about the proceedings ( Also watch Slovenian National TV for special reports on Monday and Tuesday, read Delo on Monday for an interview with Reshma, and Dnevnik should be publishing an interview with Robin Klein (TAG) in a few weeks!

Thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, mentors and teams. A special thanks to Zemanta for being our hosts, making it all happen, and showing us a good time Slovenian style!

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Yesterday saw the 20 tech savvy finalists present their companies, listen to the excellent seed investment focused panel discussion moderated by Wivan-Kristina Sandberg from Rapidus, and also be mentored by over 50 of the best mentors from the Nordics and Seedcamp’s wider European network. Arctic startup posted a fab roundup here.

But who were the three winners!?

Congratulations to Kvittar, and Peerialism who won our participant led vote and are receive the accolade of being Mini Seedcamp Helsingborg winners.

At Seedcamp we like to think that all the teams were winners as they got to participate in the Mini Seedcamp – as a testament to this check out the hundreds of really positive tweets

Thanks to all the mentors, teams, sponsors, supporters, and local hosts Jonas Lundstrom from SHIP, Kåre Moberg from the Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy, and Joachim Samuelsson from Biomain who has been a key supporter of Mini Seedcamp Helsingborg.

While Mini Seedcamp Berlin marks the end of the official Mini Seedcamp tour, it also marks the beginning of preparations for the big Seedcamp Week coming in September and so we are calling on all web-tech, mobile and software talent from the DACH region, Italy and throughout Europe to apply to Mini Seedcamp Berlin and increase their chances of validation and exposure for Seedcamp Week.

Mini Seedcamp Berlin will be held on 9th June, at the Berlin School of Economics. Seedcamp was in Berlin last year and we were very impressed by the startups, in fact two teams, Tosksta and Soup, went on to be Seedcamp Week 2008 winners! So, we are encouraging strong, quality startups from the DACH region to apply including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and thought we’d extend the invitation to Italy too. Continuing our open door policy, any EMEA-based startup with the next big web tech idea can also apply.

We are looking for strong, quality startups that have the talent, drive and capacity to fully embrace the opportunities that participating in a Mini Seedcamp brings. Which is receiving quality advice from top industry leaders and start building those key relationships to help drive your business. Relationships that normally take years to build, you’ll have access to in one day. Mini Seedcamps are not a conference, but a programme that provides an entrepreneurial ecosystem of support to strengthen and catapult your ideas into a viable business.

Check out our blog posts, videos and follow us on Twitter to see what we’re looking for, what teams get out of it and what you can do to improve your chances in winning a spot at one of the most prestigious and rewarding startup programmes in Europe today. Spending the time to fill out the application comprehensively is key and communicating to us clearly your idea and strengths of your team is critical for consideration, so no skimping here!

Mini Seedcamp Berlin will connect 20 top quality, early stage web tech startups with over 50 regional and European esteemed, sought after and highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors and developers that will blow your socks off. From the likes of our own Saul Klein, Oliver Beste of Founderslink, Lukasz Gadowski and Christophe Maire, entrepreneur and Head of Maps & Explore Unit, Nokia Services.

Through an interactive panel discussion and informal 1:1 sessions, teams benefit from engaging with and listening to a variety of distinguished mentors and industry leaders from PR, HR, product development, business development, marketing to name but a few. All at the top of their game – all there to help you.

You will gain invaluable insight and a solid foundation to help kick-start a viable business in Europe today. Not to mention being inspired by fellow entrepreneurs and a chance to broaden their scope within the European startup ecosystem.

Our goal is always to help as many great startups as we can to have that initial capital to kick-start their business and, of course, to make the most relevant relationships possible. As such, Seedcamp may also invest through the Mini Seedcamps or the teams may be invited to apply for the Seedcamp Week in London in September 2009, whereby 20 teams are selected from around the EMEA to attend and compete for seed funding and garner world-class connections for startups.

Applications are now open and close at midnight on Monday, 25th May 2009. For full details, updates and how to apply go to the mini site.

As we gear up for the final stretch in our Mini Seedcamp tour, we are happy to announce the final 20 teams for Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana taking place on May 14th at Tehnoloski Park Ljubljana. The region produced some of the most early stage ideas we’ve come across yet, with a show of promise that Seedcamp can’t wait to support and nurture. The teams have promising technical talent and we are looking to challenge them to develop innovative and globally addressable solutions. We look forward to encouraging the emerging entrepreneurs, many who applied from Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Vienna, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Zagreb, Italy and even the UK.

And here are the lucky 20:

Activis d.o.o. BENS – Buinac & Co., k.d. Brihten ComfortClick Elaphe FM Virtual LiveNetLife Longnet Mala radionica interneta d.o.o. Nexus d.o.o. Ocean 4D seekda GmbH ShoutEm Symbolya Viidea d.o.o. Vilango Wondeer Xohana Yasmo Live

The 20 teams will be engaging with distinguished mentors and have the opportunity to learn and network with 50 local and European industry movers and shakers including VC’s, Investors and product specialists in HR, PR, Product and Marketing.

The Mini Seedcamp programme is aimed at recognizing fresh web-tech, software and mobile talent from across the EMEA and to help immerse these teams within the European entrepreneurial ecosystem that will help them build a viable and sustainable business in future.

We look forward to meeting all of the teams face to face and to help them lay the foundations to launch a kick-ass startup. Remember teams, preparation is key and will help you get the most out of Mini Seedcamp. We urge you to once again watch our videos and read blog posts from past winners to gain advice on how you can squeeze every drop of knowledge and learning from the awesome set of mentors you’ll be engaged with on the day.