It’s been a sweltering summer so far in London and the city is set to be alight with talented startups when Mini Seedcamp London hits the town on 27th July 2010.

Once again, Seedcamp received a record number of applicants applying from all over the EMEA to win a seat at Mini Seedcamp London, and ultimately a prestigious spot at Seedcamp Week in September.

The incredible quality and ideas of the teams applying to Mini Seedcamp London this year has considerably increased, with many teams already making great progress being self-financed and bootstrapped. Making the decision on the top 20 teams for London this year proved very difficult indeed (in fact we chose 21!) and we had to turn away many teams with great businesses and ideas, but we want to encourage those teams to keep plugging away – from what we are seeing, there is no down-turn in our sector and more and more people see startups as a viable alternative to a corporate career and 9 to 5 jobs…so don’t loose the dream!

And so, it is with great excitement that we announce our top 21 teams chosen to attend Mini Seedcamp London on 27th July 2010 at the celebrated campus of UCL:

cIRX – London, UK
DBVU – London, UK
Deskarma – London, UK
EDITD – London, UK
FinanceAcar – London, UK
Float – Edinburgh, UK
GaBoom Ltd – Surrey, UK
Kliknik – Kragujevac, Serbia
Matchik – Berkshire, UK
Memrise – Oxford, UK
MindQuilt – UK/USA
Movylo Shop – Turin, Italy
PageDo – London, UK
Profitero – Dublin, Ireland
Scramblr – London, UK
Smartupz – Warsaw, Poland
Subsify – London, UK
Sweeble Ltd – Staffordshire, UK
Trebax Innovations – London, UK
Vsetech – London, UK/Moscow, Russia
WhiteMatter Labs GmbH – Osnabrueck/Berlin, Germany

The teams will have the opportunity of a lifetime to pitch their ideas and engage with over 80 distinguished and industry leading mentors such as:

Alastair Mitchell, Huddle
Alex van Somoren, nCipher/UKTI
Ben Tompkins, Eden Ventures
Brent Hoberman, MyDeco
Christian Hernandez, Facebook
Claude London, Venturing Forth
Daniel Heaf, 4iP
David Langer, Groupspaces
Edward Kershaw, The Nielsen Company
Hendrik Brandis, Earlybird Venture Capital
Ian Hogarth, Songkick
Ivan Farneti, Doughty Hanson
James Aylett, Kittens with Jetpacks
Max Niederhofer, Entrepreneur (Atlas Venture)
Meagan Marks, Wonga
Michael Smith, Mind Candy
Paul Degueuse, 360 Capital Partners
Peter Ward, WAYNE
Taylor Wescoatt, eBay

Along with these, there will be specialists and gurus in HR, PR, Product, Marketing and Business Development attending, all at the top of their game, to help kick-start your ideas into viable, world-beating businesses.

We can’t wait to meet the teams face to face and look forward to seeing them strut their stuff!

See you in London!

Africa? Yes, Africa. We are really excited to announce our first endeavour below the equator and bring you Seedcamp Johannesburg. We will host a Mini Seedcamp in Johannesburg, S.A. on August 11 and we are eager to see what the (South) African tech scene is all about. We are calling all teams and entrepreneurs to apply for this opportunity to meet not only the nation’s , but also the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and mentors, investors and industry folks.
We have already had some great feedback and lots of outreach from locals wanting to come, so we now want to make it official: Applications open today, go ahead and show us why and how your team will be successful in utilizing web technology to build a great business. Convince us why you are the right team to participate in Mini Seedcamp Johannesburg and why you should get the chance to meet with our great mentors and partners to learn how you can make your business even more successful.
Seedcamp South Johannesburg is the first “special” Seedcamp event that we are adding to our regular Seedcamp schedule. We want to reach out to new locales and markets to meet the great entrepreneurs we are missing who are located beyond Europe – after all, we have seen that the underserved Eastern European markets develops great companies like Erply, Ubervu, and Brainient – some of the former Seedcamp winners. We are excited to take Seedcamp global and Africa is a great place to start.
So, if you are an entrepreneur from South Africa or Namibia, Botswana or Simbabwe (or anywhere else, for that matter), please go ahead and apply for Seedcamp Johannesburg. If you are a mentor with great connections to the startup, business, and internet community in Africa, please get in touch and let’s see how we can get you involved at Seedcamp Johannesburg!

At Mini Seedcamp Berlin Fred Destin gave his masterful talk on how to pitch your company and negotiating a venture deal – all filled with tips of the trade built up from his experience as a Partner at Atlas Venture. Here are the two parts and accompanying slides.

Hacking Venture Capital – Fred Destin – pt1 from Seedcamp on Vimeo.

Hacking Venture Capital – Fred Destin – pt2 from Seedcamp on Vimeo.