It’s always a great feeling to prepare, run, and successfully finish a Mini Seedcamp. Especially this time – Mini Seedcamp Berlin exceeded all our expectations and turned out to be one of our best one-day events to date.
We have already mentioned the record number of applications we received for the event and the great interest from our mentoring community to attend and mentor. But we have to emphasize it again; the quality of the pitching companies was impressive and the positive tension in the room during their presentations was incredible. We would like to thank all of the 20 companies again: You made the day a special experience and it would not have been possible without your incredible desire to innovate, take risks, and go for the home run. You are all amazing.

The SoundCloud Panel

After the companies’ presentations, we all enjoyed an intense one hour panel on Berlin’s current hit start-up Soundcloud. Panelists included a few of the most important players in one of Europe’s biggest success stories:

The panel revealed many insights about Soundcloud’s early days of fund-raising when not many of us knew they even existed. Alexander told his side of the SoundCloud story; moving from Stockholm to a back-then totally new city – Berlin, and pitching at every possible conference wearing the now infamous SoundCloud jacket. Christophe then explained how he got into the company and why he decided to back the young SoundCloud team and lastly, Doughty Hanson‘s Sitar and Stefan explained their side of the plate when they literally saved the company with the Series A back in 2009. The panel could have gone on for hours, but our schedule was tight and the teams had to get ready for the mentoring sessions with 90+ Europe’s best tech mentors.

Seedcamp Berlin Winners

The most interesting outcome of our days in Berlin is definitely the announcement of 2 more companies embarking on a journey with Seedcamp and joining our existing 38 portfolio companies.

Joining our Seedcamp family will be the newest Seedcamp Winners:

Mopapp – from Bologna, Italy – Analytics tool for developers and publishers to track and analyze their mobile apps’ revenues from all major online stores (Apple App Store, Google Android Market, GetJar, RIM App World, Appia, MobiHand, WM7 …) and major mobile Ad networks.

The Efficient Cloud – from Vienna, Austria – Cost-effective Platform-as-a-service technology for hosting providers. Integration with Ruby on Rails, Java, Django, .NET and PHP.

Again, we are more than thankful to the 20 companies, 90+ mentors, our hosts at Betahaus and the event sponsors DuMont Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds and Orrick.

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With only just over a week to go we’re excited to announce the final list of teams that will participate in Mini Seedcamp Stockholm on 4 May. A great selection of startups ranging across many industries, all with impressive teams, are looking to take their startup to the next level.
Like Berlin, Seedcamp Stockholm hit a record number of applicants compared to last year, indicating that Scandinavia is growing as an entrepreneurial hub. Once again, applications came from far and wide, and leaving us with a perfect mix of teams from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.
These are the teams and companies taking part in Mini Seedcamp Stockholm next week:
As per usual at Mini Seedcamp events, teams will participate in a day full of high quality mentoring with Europe’s top investors and entrepreneurs. If you would like to learn more about our selection process, please check our About and FAQs pages.
Don’t forget we’re still looking for an superstar intern – apply now!
If you answered most of the Questions positively – wait no further… 

I’m Jakob Marovt (@jmarovt). Joined Seedcamp as an intern last autumn and have loved every single minute of it. Why?


Seedcamp operates as a normal startup Your hands and decision are free – if you have a good idea, you can implement it and get it going (ranging from new types of events to some specific in-house work-flow optimizations).


At Seedcamp you work within an A-class team From my own experience they are amazingly dedicated knowledgeable people who know what are they are doing and what they are aiming to be: the very best place to jumpstart the entrepreneurial community in Europe and beyond. Yes, they are aiming super high, but you want that, don’t you?


At Seedcamp and it’s associated events you get to meet inspiring, positively oriented people aiming to change the world for a better place. Ranging from entrepreneurs, best-of-class engineers, lawyers and all the way to the top-tier investors. Believe me – it’s a very special, invigorating feeling being in a room packed full with entrepreneurial spirit. I am sure everyone aiming to make a difference in the start-up community would love to be a part of it.
At Seedcamp you see new companies coming on board and join the Seedcamp family. A random SC story: I first got familiar with two guys when they wrote their first application and applied to one of the events; me and the rest of the team quickly saw something in them and their private beta. They amazed everyone at the event and subsequently joined the Seedcamp family as new Winners. Fast forward 3 months and the same two guys everyone first met 3 months ago are now fully based in London, hiring new people in their first real office and raising a proper institutional round. This is what we all aim and aspire to – as an Intern at Seedcamp I got to meet, befriend, and learn from this kind of people and hopefully helped them in a small part to build the mosaic together. 

Seedcamp is the perfect springboard into the start-up community In the end, many fruitful relationships arose from my Seedcamp experience and I am sure it will prove life-changing for me in the end run. For starters, I’m joining one of the Seedcamp portfolio companies next month.

Seriously, it can’t get more exciting!

— If you would like to see what the Seedcamp crew thinks and writes about on a daily basis, then this blog and Twitter are your best friends: follow our great partners Reshma (@rsohoni) and Carlos (@ceduardo), awesome associate Philipp (@pmoehring) and the newest addition, general manager Kirsten (@k1rstc).

It’s already a dream team – make it an extra special one by applying for the Intern position now!

P.s.: I’m more than happy to answer all your questions regarding Seedcamp and the Intern position – feel free to give me a call:
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After spending a week in NYC in February with Seedcamp’s portfolio companies, we were blown away by the local tech scene and the incredible energy the NY startup ecosystem has built. Besides the great startups we saw during our East Coast visit (Foursquare, 10genEtsy and others), the incubators, co-working spaces, and VC scene are also heating up (see BetaworksGeneral AssemblyUnion Square Ventures and others).
The Seedcamp Crew at Foursquare during our US trip
As building bridges and bringing mentors and startups together is one of the main goals of Seedcamp, we are building what is the longest bridge yet: We are hosting our first Mini Seedcamp in the US: Seedcamp NYC, a day where some of the hottest startups will mix with the greatest mentors from all over the East Coast and Europe.
We expect that applications to Seedcamp NYC will come from some of the best European founders looking to get feedback from top notch US mentors and determining how they work with the US market. On the flip side, we expect to see some top US and The Americas founders apply – eager to see what EMEA holds for them through the experience of a Seedcamp day.
Seedcamp New York will take place on the 14th of June, and our good friends at Google have already agreed to host us at their NY offices. After our great experience in February, we are looking forward to returning and spending the day in intense mentoring sessions and feedback talks. We will also partner with Betaworks, who are good friends and fellow travelers for some time. Betaworks will be helping us connect to the local ecosystem even more.
If you are a European technology startup looking to meet the creme-de-la-creme of the New York tech scene as mentors, or an East Coast based team looking to build bridges to Europe, this is the right event for you – apply now and let us know about your company. As always, we are looking for innovative internet tech, software, media, and mobile focused businesses, great teams with awesome founders, and slick products that add real value.
If you are as excited about our one day Seedcamp NYC as we are, apply and let other founders know about Seedcamp too. Deadline for applications is May 24, and we look forward to see what you are working on.
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Forbes recently published an interesting article titled Seedcamp: a global answer to Y Combinator. It was well received by the start-up community and shines a light on our mission of building a better entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

This quote precisely sums up what we strive and work for:

“I also just really enjoy working with start-ups and seeing massive change. The stories of people coming from Estonia or Wales; it’s powerful to see how their lives get completely changed by being part of Seedcamp. Societally that’s pretty awesome. It’s a bad thing for society if the only place to start up is the Valley.”

Our next Mini Seedcamp Events are just around the corner; we look forward to meeting you!

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Seedcamp is coming to the beautiful city of Stockholm on May 4 to meet the creme de la creme of Nordic and European Internet startups. We always strive to aggregate Europe’s highest calibre of mentors, ranging from VC’s and Angels to product experts, and successful entrepreneurs. Seedcamp Stockholm is a unique opportunity to collaborate with these superstars and gain months worth of feedback and advice in a single day.

We have a great list of Mentors who will be joining us for the day, including some real superstars from the tech community. Amongst many others, Startups will meet:

Tine Thygesen from Gustav Soderstrom from Spotify Kristjan Laanemaa from Ambient Sound Investments John Sjölander from Burt AB Fredrik Cassel from Creandum Lea Bajc from NorthZone Sami Ahvenniemi from Conor Venture Partner Paula Marttila from Serge Lachapelle from Google Karri Saarinen from ArticStartup Nikolaj Nyholm from Sunstone Capital

Also this year, Seedcamp Stockholm will be an even larger event than usual as we’ve lined ourselves up to take place back to back with one of Nordics main entrepreneurial events: STING. Startups should certainly make the most of this opportunity and also apply to STING Day in Stockholm (Kista).

STING DAY is an exclusive networking event, where the organizer STING (tech incubator in Stockholm) gather more than 50 of Sweden’s most promising Startups and over 60 investors. In addition to STING companies, 15 young, promising startupsfrom Sweden will be selected to participate for free. The deadline for applications is 20th of April. Apply here!

Seedcamp-2010Image by Seedcamp Photos via Flickr

We’re excited to let you all know about the final list of teams that will participate in Mini Seedcamp Berlin next week – a great selection of different origins, industries, and approaches to the market.

Seedcamp Berlin had the highest number of applications ever (outside of London, which is traditionally our strongest event in terms of numbers). The growth did not only come from within Germany, but we are happy to also see an ever larger number of applicants coming from the Benelux countries, Austria, Switzerland, and the rest of Europe. Since we think timing is more important than location, this is exactly what we encourage – apply to Seedcamp when you are ready, since the next event is only one short flight away (e.g. our applications are still open for our next event in Stockholm).

So, without further ado, here’s the list of teams and companies taking part in Mini Seedcamp Berlin next week:

As always at our Mini Seedcamp events, teams will participate in a day full of top-notch mentoring with Europe’s top investors and entrepreneurs. Also, we will be conducting our investment interviews a day later and will thus immediately decide who will be the next teams to join our latest Seedcamp Winners. If you would like to learn more about our selection process, please check our About and FAQs pages. Related articles