Exactly a week ago the Seedcamp Team set off to Czech Republic to host our second Mini Seedcamp Prague. We were excited to see the level of applicant interest, with over three times more applications to this year’s event from our first, but with the help of our investors we managed to select the 20 most promising teams.

We kicked the day off in our usual style with each team introducing themselves to a room of over 70 mentors from across Europe. The energy in the room was great and the teams delivered quick and sharp presentations. We were also extremely fortunate to be joined by Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft Europe who took to the stage to deliver a truly inspirational speech on Leadership. His experience and visionary outlook was an example to many in the room. We totally agree with his views that having a great team is key, and stretching boundaries is a prerequisite for massive success.

After the presentation we moved to the key part of the day, mentoring. This is where our mentors sit down with the teams and answer the many specific questions that every young startup has. Mentors pass on their years of experience, knowledge and contacts. Some great tweets and comments followed on from this:

Our incredible hosts and sponsors didn’t want the day to end, so we all headed from the awesome CEVRO Institute where the event was hosted, to Friends Coffee House for more networking and beers.

In addition to being very happy with the warm welcome we received from our hosts, sponsors, and local mentors while in Prague, we’re excited to announce that two new teams have joined the Seedcamp family this week from the Mini Seedcamp Prague event: Milk.ly and Qminder.

Both teams impressed us with their ability and clear vision on executing their plans to grow. Milk.ly has the honour of being our first ever team based in The Netherlands! Qminder is the second strong team to come from Garage48 in Estonia, following in the footsteps of fellow #estonianmafia team Campalyst. A huge welcome to both, and we look forward to the exciting times ahead!

As always we are truly touched by how much effort our event partners and sponsors go to in facilitating our event. For our small team it’s crucial to have local manpower to deliver Mini Seedcamps, and TechSquare alongside Credo Ventures were the driving force behind this event. They helped bring on board our Event Sponsors: Google, White & Case, Krajicek & Associates, PI Europe, TMF Group and Event Partners; Tyinternety.cz, StartupYard, Gug.cz, Capital.bg. A big thank you to each and every one of these great companies, without which the event simply couldn’t have happened.

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With a brilliant turnout for Mini Seedcamp Prague this week, and Mini Seedcamp Barcelona approaching, we’re already opening up applications to Mini Seedcamp Paris!

Paris has set a precedent for producing top entrepreneurial talent, and we’re excited to meet the best that France and the surrounding regions have to offer on the 6th of December.

As always, Mini Seedcamp Paris will feature company presentations followed by one-to-one mentoring sessions with our brilliant mentors. Seedcamp mentors include many of Europe’s top tech investors, successful entrepreneurs and Biz/Product Dev experts, giving our Paris finalists an amazing opportunity to receive pertinent feedback on their startup.

Applications are now open, so apply to Mini Seedcamp Paris and tell us about your team, product, and market. Having something for us to play with is nice, but not mandatory. The deadline is Wednesday 16 November.

Why apply to mini Seedcamp Paris?

Mini Seedcamp Paris 2011 marks our 5th annual Seedcamp event in Paris. The event continues to impress us by delivering amazingly high quality teams and mentors. In the past companies such as Kwaga and stupeflix have been funded directly from Mini Seedcamp Paris. This year could be your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and join the Seedcamp class of 2012.

Find out more about the Seedcamp process, read up on how to prepare a kick ass application, and make sure to apply on time for Mini Seedcamp Paris – deadline Wednesday 16 November.

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With Mini Seedcamp Prague just getting under way, we’re already gearing up for what looks like an outstanding Mini Seedcamp Barcelona on the 16th of November. The quality of applications this year has been very high, and we expect Barcelona to deliver another batch of startups with amazing potential.

Each Mini Seedcamp event features not only company presentations, but an opportunity for founders to interact with our diverse group of talented mentors. Mini Seedcamp Barcelona has always attracted great mentors – drawn in no small part by the beauty of the city (and of course the startups) – and this year will continue that tradition of quality. Here is a small taste of the mentors who have signed up for Mini Seedcamp Barcelona:

If you have an awesome startup and want a shot at joining the Seedcamp family, you only have until midnight BST on the 20th of October. Make sure you include why you have the right team to solve an important problem. And as always, having a great product to show off is key!

Apply now to Mini Seedcamp Barcelona

We’re excited to announce the teams attending Mini Seedcamp Prague, once again we had some very technical, ambitious, and creative teams applying to participate. This time we received entries from a total of 31 countries! As a result this will be our most international Mini Seedcamp yet with 16 countries being represented on the day. We have more than 70 mentors signed up to spend the day with these twenty teams – check out their sites and services:

We’d like to thank our Event Sponsors in Prague for making this possible: Google, Credo Ventures, White&Case, Krajicek&Associates, PI Europe, Kaiintaa and our Event Partners, Gug.cz, Cevro Institut, TechSquare and tyinternety.cz

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The interest in Mini Seedcamp Prague was incredible so we’re very excited to open applications for Mini Seedcamp Barcelona today. Mini Seedcamp Barcelona is the second event to populate our Class of 2012, and we can’t wait to meet all the great tech talent that Spain has to offer. We have invited Europe’s tech rockstars to mentor the teams, and they play a crucial role in both critiquing and advising, as well as giving the startups an unparalleled opportunity to connect with some of Europe’s top investors.

Applications are now open, apply to let us know about your company and team. The deadline is 20th October, and if past experience is anything to go by, finishing your application with time to spare improves your chances of attending!

Barcelona is a beautiful city, with a unique culture infused by the beaches and the chic city centre. We expect a high number of applications from Spain itself, as well as surrounding Portugal and France, and the rest of Europe.

Why should you apply?

This will be our second visit to Barcelona and if it follows the trend of our other 2011 Mini Seedcamps, the quality of teams and mentors get better and better with each visit. We’re also hoping to add another Spanish team to our family: we already have two awesome Barcelona based teams and Offset Options and Robot Media are excited about meeting more local talent.

Find out more about our process on our website, read up on how to prepare a kick ass application, and make sure to apply on time for Seedcamp Barcelona – deadline 20th October.

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