Meffys Awards 2012

MEF, the Global Community for Mobile Content and Commerce has launched its annual awards, the Meffys, now in their 9th year. New categories include Publisher on MobileLife Tools App and Social & Entertainment Apprecognising the breadth and scale of mobile content and commerce. The 2012 Meffys also feature 4 ‘Innovation’ categories, including Innovation in AppsTechnologyGrowth Markets and Monetization.

For the vast majority of start-ups, getting C-level executive attention is somewhat an impossible mission. So when we heard about Meffy’s Awards we got excited! The start up finalists from each of the four ‘Innovation’ categories will be invited to present their company/product at the 2012 CEO Summit being held the night before the awards.  One of these finalists will receive a special recognition award for Innovation presented at the Meffys.  The summit is attended by the CEOs of the world’s leading companies, which make up the MEF membership.  This is a great opportunity for start-ups to get their product in front of senior execs and key decision makers from the mobile content and commerce industry.

MEF is offering a substantial discount to any start-ups wishing to enter the awards –  entry will cost just £75 (compared to £350).

Start up criteria:

The team behind the Meffys Awards are committed to honour the most influential players from around the world, recognising over the years global brands, dynamic start-ups and visionary individuals who have helped shape the industry. The awards are judged by an international panel of academics, VCs, journalists and analysis.

We believe that this a great opportunity for ambitious startups to get their product in front of 350 senior execs and key decision makers from the mobile content and commerce industry.

Make sure to submit your application before 19th July 2012 at


For the Seedcamp learning day in June (27-29th), the following companies will be present:

English: London collage.

English: London collage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games, London is, without any doubt, a busy city this year. But most important of all, the Tech City is being lit up this summer as Seedcamp London is set to take place on August 7.

London, home to Seedcamp

We are thrilled to announce that we are back in our hometown, and are officially opening applications today. Not only is London Seedcamp’s birthplace, but it is also home to an entrepreneurial ecosystem formed around the Silicon Roundabout, which in the past year has seen unprecedented growth and attention.

Hosted for the first time ever at the newly opened Google Campus, also our new home, Seedcamp London will capture the city’s unique combination of styles, areas of expertise and skills in a creative and energetic setting. Over the past few years, the intersection between digital start-ups and Seedcamp’s community of top international mentors, who are truly passionate about helping the next generation of promising companies, has produced a magical serendipity in speed. Check out insights, from one of the latest companies, on their experience at Seedcamp Berlin here.

A third of our 69 teams are now based in London, many of whom work alongside us out of Campus and benefit from the daily drop-ins which can range from Google’s senior management team to angels, investors and peers and to a broad range of the ecosystem’s movers and shakers. Apart from the benefits of gaining financial investment, Seedcamp winners have a ready-made peer network and can call upon all the expertise and experience of 69 companies’ awesome founders, all-in-all pretty priceless. It doesn’t stop there, we work with many partners all of whom are key players within their industry and are keen to support the next generation of dollar start-ups. As a result we have formed a founder’s pack worth more than €100k. Amazon Web Services joined this initiative just last week and announced a staggering $25,000 AWS credits for all our new teams.

Seedcamp Teams get to evangelize their API’s during our London-based hackathon, Seedhack, where up to 100 awesome developers spend 60 hours hacking. Furthermore teams are invited to a monthly ‘learning day’ where there are speakers ranging from Eric Ries sharing his lean start-up methodology and Ryan Carson discussing his experience in building and selling start-ups to Max Niederhofer speaking candidly about his experience as an entrepreneur and investor – and these are only very few of the examples of the great speakers we’ve have montly.

Last chance to be part of Seedcamp Week 2012

Seedcamp’s particular claim to fame lies in its dedication to organizing local events from New York to Tel Aviv, where selected entrepreneurs present their companies, receive world-class mentoring, network and can compete for investment of sums of up to €50,000. Building on the success of past events, Seedcamp London will be the latest opportunity for aspiring founders to participate in the annual Seedcamp Week. Seedcamp Week is our flagship event of the year: we immerse our 2012 Seedcamp Teams into our incredible pool of mentors, investors, product experts, PR/Marketing gurus and biz dev experts. It is an intense week where Seedcamp’s latest 20 teams will gain in excess of 45 hours of intensive mentoring by over 300 people, topped by a huge Demo day event on the last day.

How to be part of the action?

Today, we are reaching out to the burgeoning companies aspiring to participate at Seedcamp London and be part of the Seedcamp Family. To be part of the Class of 2012, we highly recommend that you get started on your application, make sure to tell us what makes you unique and why you are the next big thing, as well as detailing the progress you have made so far. Standing out from the crowd is the key, and keep it relevant by familiarising yourself with the Seedcamp experience. We look forward to receiving your application and can’t wait to see what the best startups are building across Europe.

To apply, click here. Deadline: 18 July.

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Most start-ups are moving away from traditional hosting platforms and are building more and more on scalable cloud infrastructure. Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a service provider most Seedcamp teams heavily build on – which is why we’ve now visited the Amazon Web Services’ Headquarters in Seattle two years in a row on the Seedcamp US trip. Besides mentoring and technical support for the teams (not only on the AWS platform but also across other products like the Kindle platform), AWS has been part of the Founder Sponsors since the beginning.

Seedcamp visiting the AWS team in Seattle

Through the more intense collaboration and the visits to HQ, we have intensified the relationship more and more, and are now extremely happy to talk about a new offering for all new Seedcamp companies: Amazon Web Services is offering all new Seedcamp companies AWS credits to the tune of $25,000 to be used over 2 years. This generous offer will allow teams to continue to focus on the development of their apps and growing their team, and not worrying about hardware costs and maintenance in the early stage of their business. On top of the monetary benefits, the teams will also have access to the Gold Level support AWS offers – certainly a very welcome ability to resolve problems quickly and efficiently at a stage when most companies can’t afford this level of access.

Apart from the companies we invest in, Amazon Web Services is also committing support to the more than 200 companies that take part in Seedcamp events throughout the year: each company that gets selected to take part in a Seedcamp will be supported with $1,000 of AWS credits. Access to Amazon Web Services’ developer relationship team and mentorship across our events are another benefits we highly appreciate and look forward to have more teams experience.

We haven’t been vocal enough about the great offers our Founders’ Pack contains – stay tuned for an overview of what teams benefit from by being selected to Seedcamp events and investment.

If you want to be part of Seedcamp and take advantage of this offer – make sure you and your team send in the application for Seedcamp New York by midnight, Sunday June 17th. The next upcoming Seedcamp event is Seedcamp London in early August.

Last year, we held our first Seedcamp New York proper. The idea is simple, and close to the normal way we run Seedcamp events: We aim to bring the best startups to expose them to the best local entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The main difference lies in the fact that we focus on bringing European startups to New York, thus exposing both sides to new contacts, people, and views on the startup ecosystem.

Last year, we have seen an incredible number of great applications wanting to make the step over the big pond, and were impressed by the quality of the companies that came to the event. So impressed, in fact, that today 6 of the 20 teams of Seedcamp New York 2011 are Seedcamp companies!

Some of these companies moved to New York City, to base themselves in the media and advertising hub that it is. They are in good company: New York is where a lot of Seedcamp companies take their first steps into the american market, like ERPLY and Zemanta have shown. This is not only due to the proximity to good old Europe, but also due to the dense network of mentors and investors that we have managed to build over the past years. Read what Campalyst co-founder Dalia has to say about the move to New York – not to forget about, who just recently raised an impressive funding round from top notch New York investors.

So – are you an entrepreneur in Europe, with eyes set on the US market, ready to take the next step to expand and build your company? If you are, go ahead and apply to Seedcamp New York before midnight on Sunday and make sure you show us why your team and company in particular deserves a spot in one of the most coveted Seedcamp events of the year.

What’s in it for you? Besides the obvious chance of wowing us with your product, pitch, and perseverance to convince us to invest in your team and make you part of the Seedcamp network, you will get access to some of the best technology and startup entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and operators in New York. Among others, we have representatives from Union Square Ventures, Nielsen, Getty Images, Betaworks, BDMI, Fueled, Lookery, Boxee, and of course our sponsors 10gen, Google, Microsoft, and Paypal.

Apply now – Deadline is midnight, Sunday June 17th, EST.

the panorama of Zagreb, Croatia

the panorama of Zagreb, Croatia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As it’s been two years since we last hosted Seedcamp Zagreb, we can’t wait to return on the 12th June for our second event in Croatia. Preparations have gone smoothly thanks to our amazing local friends and partners Ivo Špigel from Perpetuum, Ivan Brezak Brkan from Netokracija and Jugoslav Petković, who also helped out massively at last year’s Ljubljana event.

We’re thrilled to announce the teams that will be presenting their products and companies next week at Zagreb’s University College for Applied Computer Engineering. We received fantastic applications from over 30 different countries – an amazing diversity – and we are very happy to announce that five of the selected teams are from Croatia – a very strong home representation indeed. We even have a team coming from as far away as New Zealand, winning hands down for the most air miles.

Check out all of the selected teams for Seedcamp Zagreb below – make sure to take a look at their products and see what industries they’re disrupting.

Our gratitude is also due to our fantastic sponsors of Seedcamp Zagreb – 10gen, CEED Slovenia and CRANE (Croatian Business Angel Network), and of course to the University College for Applied Computer Engineering for hosting us.

Be sure to follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay on top of the action next week!

If you’re a startup and want to be part of our next event applications are currently open to Seedcamp New York on the 10th July.