One year on Seedcamp’s fund has invested in 24 Seed startups globally

It’s just over a year since we announced our €20m Seed Fund, in that time we’ve made investments into 24 companies across Europe and the US, investing up to €200K in rounds spanning from €300K to €2M.

Following a successful first year for our fund, Seedcamp is firmly establishing ourselves as the go to First Round Fund for Founders across stages, from pre-seed to seed, for ambitious founders who are looking for the smartest capital. Through partnering with other seed stage investors we’ve played a part in over €39M of funds raised, investing just over €3m from our Seed fund.

“Over the course of the year, Seedcamp has become one of the most active investors. We are thrilled by the reception our €20M fund and the Platform we have built over the past eight years has received. Since we announced the fund, we’ve made over 70 investments, 24 of them at Seed.” Commented Reshma Sohoni, Partner at Seedcamp.

“For these founders that are bringing Seedcamp into their startups, we are a life-long partner and a de facto First Round Fund for those raising a pre-seed and seed round.” 

Ishaan Malhi, CEO of Trussle, one of our Seed companies presenting at Seedcamp Week London, Sept 2015

Ishaan Malhi, CEO of Trussle, one of our Seed companies presenting at Seedcamp Week London, Sept 2015

The startups to become a part of our portfolio in the past year, include both B2B and B2C companies across different sectors, that include SaaS, Fintech, Marketplaces, Mobile, Property tech, Food tech, E-commerce, Hardware, and Cyber-security. The teams come from Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and US.

Alongside our capital, Founders connect with advisors and investors through our Seedcamp Platform, that provides them with access to its Network, Learning and Capital. This includes taking part in Seedcamp Weeks, our bi-annual US trip, the Seedcamp Academy, and Office Hours. Seedcamp will continue to invest in three ways:

Carlos Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp, added: “Since 2007 Seedcamp’s goal has been to help Founders through their journey by being the first round capital of choice. We’ve invested in almost 200 companies and helped them go from idea, to product market fit, and we’ve done this by adapting how we provide support each year, as the needs of Founders evolve along with the ecosystem.”

“We’ve built our initiatives ranging from seedsummit documents to our Seedcamp Week events. We’ve helped build out the ecosystem and built a network of Founders, Mentors and Angels. Via our Academy program, we’ve been able to increase our Founder’s abilities to leverage learnings from other successful entrepreneurs, and lastly through the variety of investment structures we offer, we optimise to provide the right amount of capital to match the early needs of a Founder.”

Our fund has co-invested alongside global VC funds, Europe’s leading Seed investors and well-known Angel investors. To date our partners include:

Below is a full list of the startups to join the Seedcamp family through investments made through our Seed Fund. We look forward to welcoming more companies to our growing portfolio in the years to come, as the First Round Fund for startups looking for the smartest capital and partners to help them build the next billion-dollar businesses to come from Europe.

All investments made by Seedcamp Fund III so far:

Curve (Israel and UK) – An integrated smart card that syncs all your cards into one, and simplifies the way you pay.

Cymmetria (USA and Estonia) – Using virtual machines to decoy and detect hackers.

Edgefolio (Norway) – A new platform changing how hedge funds raise capital.

eMoov (UK) – The UK’s leading online estate agent. 

Findify (Sweden) – The intelligent search solution for e-commerce using data science and machine learning to increase revenue.

Fractal Labs (Switzerland and UK) – A financial marketplace that connects companies to capital.

Get Agent (UK) – Data-driven estate agent comparison site.

Hubble (UK) – Making renting office space easy.

Incrediblue (Greece) – Online platform to book your dream holiday with your own private yacht and captain.

Kukimi (Germany) – KUKIMI sells and delivers healthy, highly nutritionally balanced quality diet food.

Land Insight (UK) – Helps find and assess off-market land with the potential for development.

Mailcloud (UK) – The Smarter Email & Messaging App.

MarcoPolo Learning (US) – Reimagining children’s media.

Monese (UK) – Allowing you to open up a UK bank account in less than 3 mins on your mobile even without a UK address.

Podo Labs (US) – The first app-controlled, “stick-and-shoot” camera.

Pointy (Ireland) – Find anything locally.

Priori Data (Germany) – Description: App Store Intelligence. Our competitive insights and market data drive better outcomes for your apps.

Property Partner (UK) – Property crowdfunding platform and trading exchange.

Pronto (UK) – London’s favourite food, with Italian standards, delivered in 20 minutes.

Splittable (UK) – A financial platform to help the world’s growing population of young renters manage their shared expenses.

Spoke (UK) – Using e-commerce to build a better menswear brand.

Teleport (US) – The search engine for digital nomads.

Trussle (UK) – The simpler way to get a mortgage.

Uipath (Romania) – The leading software provider for the robotic process automation industry.

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September 21st 2015.  

September 9th 2015

We’re thrilled to announce the new startup teams joining us in time for Seedcamp Week taking place this week in London.

Seedcamp Week is all about Scale-Up, either from scaling up from launch to early traction or from traction to growth. This week provides them with the chance to meet with experts in everything from marketing and business development to tech and finance, in order to ask the questions and get the feedback they need to help them in the next stage of their growth.

The startups together will meet and present to familiar faces, and new ones, to develop their knowledge and skills, extend their networks, and get feedback on the work and plans they have made. All aimed to help them refine their products, scale and hire great talent, as they look for future investment.


We’re very excited to announce the newest members of the Seedcamp family.

We can’t wait to keep you updated on their progress as they scale to be the next Unicorns to come out of Europe!

A big thank you to all our mentors and investors joining us this week and another thank you to our Seedcamp Week sponsors – Orrick and Sillicon Valley Bank – for their support, alongside our annual sponsors.

We’ll open applications for our next round of Seedcamp investments really soon. Register here if you’d like us to hear from us!