Welcome London-based Gameplan to the Seedcamp Nation as part of their £500,000 round to develop its Integrated Workforce Management software platform and continuing on in a series of recent investments we’ve made in companies shaping and enhancing what the future of work looks like.

Founded by experienced operators and entrepreneurs Tom Nimmo (formerly of Hassle.com) and Duncan Mitchell (TempTribe) we’re excited to back the team alongside Swiss Founders Fund and leading angel investors including Michael Pennington (Gumtree), Will Neale (Fonix) and Tim Ruffner (Talendo).

Gameplan founders Tom Nimmo and Duncan Mitchell

The raise follows 18 months of software development and market research with the product already being piloted by selected partners from different industries. Gameplan is building a SaaS solution which aims to help businesses reduce cost and increase revenue by streamlining processes in areas such as assigning work to suppliers, communications, access control, real-time job information, time and attendance, forecasting and analytics.

“Tom and I identified an opportunity to create some real value for operators in places like sports stadiums, attractions, conferencing venues, hotels and caterers. We noticed that in many cases outdated and ineffective platforms are being used and onsite teams are currently resorting to things like spreadsheets and text messaging for almost everything,” says Duncan, CEO of Gameplan.

Gameplan estimates that these businesses are losing millions each year from staff churn, time theft, inaccurate billing, poor time and attendance processes and lack of visibility across key analytics. 

Kyran Schmidt from our investment team comments:

“Managing frontline personnel, especially in the hospitality, facilities and live events industries, is an increasingly complicated task. As the ‘gig economy’ has become mainstream, many of these workforces are now hybridised – a shifting mix of permanent employees, individual contractors and third party suppliers under one umbrella. But from onboarding workers to managing them real-time, the technology serving such workforces is either backward or non-existent, resulting in wasted resources, poor communication and inefficient organisation. That’s why we were so excited to come across Gameplan, whose tools empower both frontline personnel and those responsible for managing such large-scale workforces. 

The ‘future of work’ is a category on many people’s lips right now, and Gameplan is certainly one of the most compelling products we’ve seen in the space yet. As founders Duncan and Tom also bring formidable expertise and a deep understanding of the pain points, having both led and scaled separate businesses in the contingent labour space previously. We couldn’t be more delighted to partner with Gameplan on their mission to empower the workforce of tomorrow.”

The company has already attracted interest from major operations in the US, Australia and Qatar and is currently focused on rolling out to local businesses in the UK. 

For more information and to see how Gameplan can help your organisation visit www.gameplanteam.com

The future of work is an area we’re increasingly focused on at Seedcamp and where we’re seeing huge amounts of innovation from world-class entrepreneurs, fed-up with current systems and processes that waste time and energy and create chaos and repetition internally.

We’re really excited to invest in Back, alongside our friends at Point Nine, as they announce their seed round and launch their manifesto and mission to re-think how employee experience can be delivered inside forward-thinking companies, with the help of modern technologies. 

Back is a collaboration and automation platform that enables internal service and business operations teams to provide the most modern employee experience, through multiple channels, and save time for higher-value tasks along the way.

Based in Berlin and developed by some of the brains behind leading software companies in Europe, like Typeform, Contentful, Fyber, and Minodes, the team has witnessed first hand the amount of wasted time – 20% according to data – employees spend searching for internal help, while internal support teams like HR, Finance, IT and others lose countless hours per week on manual workflows and ever-repeating questions. 

From simple questions about policies and lost payslips to approving hardware purchases, when you need someone else’s help, it can be hard to get. With good reason: teams today are stuck with a range of internal ticketing solutions that were built solely for IT operations, are clunky and hard to use, and since there is no native support of modern communication channels like Slack or MS Teams they quickly become siloed black boxes inside organizations.

Back co-founder and CEO, Christian Eggert, comments:

“We built Back from the ground up working closely together with dozens of leading tech companies to make software that works for each teams’ workflow. We’ve seen teams using Back to route countless requests from Slack, replace chaotic shared inboxes with our intuitive overviews, decrease response times through our smart push notifications, automate repetitive questions to ease headcount growth and scattered knowledge, and to replace their old help desk to give transparency on the status of a request for colleagues – all with the same goal: to win back time.”

On the investment our Partner, Sia Houchangnia, comments:

“The future of work is an area we are particularly interested in at Seedcamp and Back fits our investment thesis perfectly. Christian and James are brilliant entrepreneurs, who have managed to bring together an extremely talented group of people with an eye for crafting beautiful products. We’ve been amazed by the simplicity and smartness of the Back platform and are convinced that the timing is right to build a new global category leader in the massive Enterprise Service Management market.”

If you think Back can help your organisation, sign up here and check out current opportunities to join the awesome team in Berlin here.

We’re delighted to welcome Stotles to the Seedcamp Nation as they tackle one of the largest and most complex sectors in the world – public procurement. Founded by John Witt, Carsten Schaltz, and Taj Kamranpour, the team aims to break down the barriers to government contracting and bring more players to the market.

Stotles’ platform enables suppliers to follow leading indicators, track potential contract renewals, monitor buyers, and keep an eye on competitors. This first round of funding will support the launch of a new feature that will focus on predicting future opportunities.

Whether it’s sourcing sheepskin flounces for the MOD or a £160M opportunity to provide toilet paper for the NHS, Stotles surfaces the most comprehensive view of government tenders to pitch for via their platform, with the team celebrating their weekly highlights on the Tender Wall of Fame.

Our Venture Partner, Stephen Allott, comments: “Stotles is the most significant sales enablement technology for public sector suppliers since the G-Cloud. The team and their vision are first class and the potential for this across both the UK and Europe as a whole is huge.”

The founders have been at the intersection of public and private sectors, at firms such as the World Economic Forum, Boston Consulting Group, and Bloomberg. By using data and AI, Stotles is now set to break down the very same barriers that they have experienced first-hand.

Taj Kamranpour, Co-founder and COO, said: “As a founder who previously bid for public work, I felt the desperation of flying almost blind; we had no way to compete with others that already had ingrained relationships. I knew suppliers needed help.”

To learn more about the platform, visit the Stotles website.