At Seedcamp, we’ve always taken a network-driven approach to how we view venture, company building, and the magic that can happen when you bring the right people together. Integral to this has been the evolving model of support we, and our network, have provided to our 470+ companies since our inception in 2007.

As the Seedcamp Nation continues to grow – both in size and scale – we understand that access to expertise, top talent, industry knowledge, and strategic connections is what the most exceptional founders are truly looking for. Those who’ve been in the trenches; who’ve learned the hard-won lessons that come with scaling impactful businesses and can help supercharge all aspects of company-building from those earliest days. 

To bring our network-driven approach to the next level and support our early-stage founders with access to highly-skilled talent, we are excited to introduce the Seedcamp Expert Collective (SxC), a community of 100 top-quality operators who have scaled some of the world’s most successful businesses, including many from our own portfolio companies such as Revolut, Pleo, UiPath and Wise and from global tech businesses such as Uber, Stripe, Cloudflare, Deliveroo, NextDoor and Skyscanner.

Spanning all functions and stages of company building, from pre-MVP to scale-up, our founders get unique access to this carefully curated collective of experts. Members of the SxC share their first-hand experiences on all things company building and provide support to our community of founders and their teams through one-to-one sessions, workshops, content, and our active micro-communities. In some instances, we also see our experts angel invest or take on roles within companies. There have even been a few who have gone on to found businesses we end up backing!

As soon as founders join the Seedcamp Nation, they get access to our Expert Collective.

What’s more, we also create opportunities for our experts to meet and learn from one another. We know that knowledge exchange and peer networks are valuable at all stages of the journey. 

Our Director, Natasha Lytton highlights:

Seedcamp has always been about bringing the best people together and we’re excited to double down on those efforts with the launch of the Seedcamp Expert Collective. We are fortunate to have an incredibly high calibre of people who’ve scaled iconic businesses and want to pay it forward to those earlier in their journey. It’s easy to forget these big businesses had to start somewhere. We see a huge appetite from operators at later stage companies who miss the energy and excitement of the early-stage and love the opportunity to learn and contribute to what the next generation of ambitious founders is building. 

Over the coming months, we aim to grow and strengthen the Seedcamp Expert Collective by welcoming new members, including alumni of Europe’s fast-growing companies.

If you are a highly skilled operator and are interested in joining the Seedcamp Expert Collective, we would love to hear from you. Tell us more about yourself here.