Community-based approaches are baked into the core DNA of the greatest brands of this decade, as they rely on authentic stories to be amplified through passionate customers and word-of-mouth instead of conventional marketing techniques.

Join us as Jaclyn Crocker, ex-GM, Retail & Community for lululemon in Canada and Australia, discusses how any brand can increase sales, margins and reduce discounting and their reliance on advertising through the power of community and advocacy marketing.

Jaclyn has over 8 years of experience working in a decentralised retail landscape, building communities, pushing boundaries, strategising and growing revenue.

The interactive workshop will guide participants through building a community program from scratch.

This three-hour session will equip attendees with:

The workshop is suitable for eCommerce and retail D2C brands who are looking to learn more about how to integrate community building into their overall strategy. Two people per organisation is encouraged to attend the workshop to take part in hands-on exercises.

If you’d like to attend the event, please reach out to


Lululemon is the fastest growing apparel brand of the past decade, this year reaching a $40B market cap and with virtually zero advertising. They attribute their stratospheric growth and high-profit margins to the purpose, ambassador and community-led marketing approach they’ve held since day 1.