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At Seedcamp we get excited by great founders with a big vision. Inherently we’ve always been sector agnostic and that certainly isn’t changing, however there are certain industries that really excite us, one of these is OpenData. We’re keen to deep dive into this space, hear from some exceptional players and discover startups that operate in it.

In order for us to do this we’re partnering with the pioneering Open Data Institute, an established leader supporting startups in this field. Open Data Institute helps unlock supply, generates demand, creates and disseminates knowledge to address local and global issues.


Together with Open Data Institute we’ll be hosting an event on Thursday 19th November at Campus London.

We’ll select up to 10 startups to present to a panel made up of investors and sector experts. We’re looking for inspirational startups to join the Seedcamp family who are building multi billion businesses around OpenData.

More on Open Data

Open Data is comparable to Open Source in terms of its potential for disruptive innovation. These days businesses are looking to understand how they can best make use of the data they produce and the data that is all around them to drive revenue and create new business opportunities. The ‘Open Data’ movement challenges businesses to think about data in a different way: open by default. Open Data has already become an important part of how governments and organisations operate and engage with the private sector.  Through the Open Data Institute startup programme and the Open Data Incubator for Europe, the Open Data Institute are supporting the development of startups in the UK and across Europe. By partnering up with them, we are looking to encourage startups to start thinking about how the use and creation of open data can be at the heart of their business. Here you’ll find a good description of Open Data to see if you’re operating in the right space to apply.

Attend the event

If you’re interested in joining the event as an audience member please register here and we’ll confirm your place by early October.

Apply to pitch

If you’re a startup and you’re disrupting OpenData be sure to apply via AngelList by 9th November