Will we ever have to travel to an international event again? Join us for the first ever live recording of This Much I Know with Johnny Boufarhat, founder of Hopin.

Join us this Monday, March 9th at 14:00 GMT for the first ever live recording of This Much I Know, with Johnny Boufarhat, founder of Hopin – one of our exciting new investments shaping the future of events.

Given the current climate with flights being grounded, international conferences cancelled and people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Hopin is creating an opportunity for people to still experience events and make meaningful connections through its online platform. 

Listen in as Johnny discusses what the future of events will look like alongside our Venture Partner, Devin Hunt (co-founder of Founder Centric and Lyst) who recently published The Workshop Survival Guide, a manual to creating great workshops and educational events.

The podcast will cover:

  1. Why Johnny started Hopin, and why now
  2. Why conferences and events need a seamless online experience
  3. How to design better events and content — online or off

The live recording will be hosted on Hopin, so you, the audience, will be able to chime in with questions. You can pre-register now for the event on Hopin right now.

See you Monday!


The fight for our ears: how to navigate podcast content & advertising

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums for brands to get in the ears of potential customers. Having enjoyed years of boom with relatively low barriers to entry from both a content and an advertising perspective, what does the future of podcasting look like and is this a medium that’s here to stay?

Join us for a closed-doors Q&A with Petrit Berisha, Producer at 11FS and creator and host of the Football Index Podcast, frequently featured as one of the most listened to sporting podcasts.

Join as Petrit covers everything from how to record and market original content to the cost of advertising, how to approach sponsorship and getting a handle on analytics.

If you’d like to attend email diana@seedcamp.com.