How Danish-fintech Pleo grew from 80 – 200 employees in 2019.

Pleo grew from 80 to 200 employees in 2019 and they are planning to hire 150 more people this year. Join us as we learn from Jessie Scheepers, Head of People at Pleo, how the team managed to preserve the culture during the time of hyper-growth while focusing on the type of people that they hired.

She’ll also discuss how learning from the hyper-growth environment can give just as many learnings to smaller companies as it does for larger organisations.

We’ll also hear what she wishes they’ve done differently in hindsight, how you can replicate what worked for Pleo, and how are they preparing for the next influx of new employees.

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Using Customer & Employee Evangelism as a Growth & Recruitment Lever – Lessons from Pleo’s Journey

In just 2 year’s time, Pleo went from Seedcamp’s seed round to a $56M Series B. Join us as we welcome Hakon Junge for an interactive session on how Pleo used Customer and Employee Evangelism for Growth and Recruitment.

During the session, Hakon will share how they built a strong customer and employee brand from scratch, walk you through Pleo’s journey, and share some actionable tips on how to leverage Customer & Employee Evangelism for your startup.

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Jana Smidt has been sourcing and hiring talent for TransferWise for more than 5 years in her role as Recruitment Lead. Join us on 4th of November for a crash course with Jana on how to build and manage distributed teams, source your own talent pool, and design a remote-first team with diversity, values, and culture in mind.

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