Hackers, we are planning something huge!

In November we are hosting the 4th version of Seedhack at our headquarter Campus in the heart of London’s Tech City. Our past Seedhacks have focused on Fintech, and Fashion and ecommerce. This hackathon will run through the whole weekend from November 8-10th and is dedicated to remixing content.

Seedhack vers. 4.0 is focusing on how disruption could be caused in the space of user generated content. With an increasing amount of music uploaded, photos shared, videos watched and checkins made, problems and constraints are often found when remixing content. We are seeking to tackle this problem!

For everyone who has not attended one of our hackathons before, we are offering all participants help on creating hacks by providing a load of APIs, mentors and inspiring talks throughout the event. We would like to invite you to be part of an exciting weekend where we are planning to create outside the box hacks, disruptive ideas, innovations, cool and fun products.

If you already have an idea – great! If you don’t – not to worry, you will meet many inspiring and talented people that will get your imagination going, and the ‘what if?’ questions flowing. We are looking for developers, however people with UX design, marketers, biz dev, and creative minds to get involved.

On the API front we are planning to have numerous partners and we are open to bring in APIs varying from music to photo. Keep an eye on the Seedhack Twitter account for more API announcements, including a few big names that we think you may have heard of! Updates will follow.

At the end of an exhausting weekend full of coding, pizza and energy drinks you’ve got the chance to present your hacks on stage and get feedback from our high class judges (TBA soon). The winning teams will get not only fame but fun awards. Stay tuned!

In order to get the optimal ratio of skills to form good and strong teams, we ask you to fill out this form, and express your interest in the topic. We would love to have everyone, however we do have limited space, so please make sure you stand out in the application form to get a space! We will let you know by the 25th October if you are one of the participants in Seedhack November 2013.


Interested in getting involved on an API or sponsor level, please give us a shout!