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How UiPath grew from $8m to $200m+ in ARR in less than 24 months: Lessons in Enterprise Sales with Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist at UiPath

Enterprise sales can be a lengthy process that involves multiple decision-makers. Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist at portfolio company UiPath – believed to be the fastest-growing enterprise company of all time, and valued over $7bn – joins us to reveal how they managed the journey from an early-stage startup to $300M+ in ARR.

Join us as Guy shares how UiPath managed to gain trust among those first early-customers. the do’s and don’ts of sales throughout the early-stage startup stages, and how they have built out their sales team.

Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist of UiPath, is helping to provide a robot for every person by using RPA and AI. Joining as COO in 2015 when UiPath was in one location and numbered 28 people, Guy has helped the company to grow from $8m to $200m+ in ARR in less than 24 months, making UiPath the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. In just 12 months, UiPath provided its investors with a 7x return, raising its valuation from $1bn to $7bn; this has never been done before. Prior to moving into RPA and AI, Guy spent time in BPO with several providers including Sutherland Global Services, Xchanging and TCS.


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