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We just love meeting innovative startups and budding entrepreneurs. Whatever stage your business might be, whatever sector you may be moving in, we want to learn from you and help your business grow. But we are well aware that applying for funding can be downright tricky. There are so many options out there, all with their own set of rules and regulations.

Well, fear not, as this is where the Seedcamp Meet & Greet saves the day. A few times a year we open our doors to you and welcome any questions you may have about any part of the Seedcamp process or experience. This summer we will be holding four Meet & Greets; two at our HQ in Google Campus and two outside of London.
Our Meet & Greets are the perfect chance for you be introduced to the team behind Seedcamp and the companies who are already part of the family. Feel free to grill them on why Seedcamp is different, what stage of business we look for, and more details about Seedcamp Academy.  There will also be mentors there, happy to answer any queries about why they are involved and how they can help you grow. If that hadn’t sold it to you,  there will be the favourite duo at any startup event: beer and networking. The London events are already open, so if you’re thinking of applying to Seedcamp Week London or any of our other events, this could be the perfect opportunity to find out more.

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