Building A World-Class Data Team

There is zero doubt that data is the catalyst for accelerated growth. Investing in data early gives you a real competitive edge as you learn quickly who your customers are, where they come from and what they really want (instead of what you think they want).

For the next workshop we’ve invited Candice Ren, who previously built from scratch and scaled the whole analytics stack at Bumble. Now she and her ex team at Bumble paired up to work with companies and help them make the most of their data.

What topics we covered:

– What makes a successful data team?

– Building a powerful data stack that is agile, scalable and efficient.

– What people and skill sets do you need at different stages of growth?

– What you should be looking for in your first hires vs your initial team?

– Do you use external help to set up/revamp your data pipeline then hire accordingly? How to structure the team?

– Building a matrix system: how data teams can share knowledge, while embedded in a product function.

About Candice Ren Candice Ren is the co-founder of 173tech, a modern analytics agency helping fast-growing startups turn data into powerful growth engines. Prior to 173tech, as the Head of Analytics at Bumble, Candice was responsible for building the analytics function from scratch to its $3 billion exit in 5 years, whose team is tasked with optimizing the user journey and monetisation efforts across its portfolio of apps.

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