Building Sales Structure

Micah was the first sales hire at Cloudflare, and part of the team that grew revenue from $1M to over $100M. He first came to London to open the EMEA sales office, then built partnership and channel sales teams. He is now an investor at a VC fund, Next47, and invests in B2B startups. “Starting and scaling sales teams is what I miss most about being inside of a company.”

What topics you can expect to be covered:

Making your first sales hire – the first sales hire will be the cultural cornerstone of the sales org. They will set the best practices, define GTM tactics, and be responsible for making sure each subsequent sales hire succeeds. What are the traits to look for and what are the red flags to avoid?

Selling through partners – Partners can be a sales force multiplier. However, they can also be a huge time sink. How can you kickstart a reseller program and get access to customers you didn’t previously have.

Scaling across geographies – you’ve done well in your domestic market and now it’s time to scale internationally. How do you choose where to open a remote office, make a remote hire, and set them up for success?

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