Building Your Early Engineering Team

Hiring developers is hard. Hiring good developers is even harder.

– How do you branch out and source candidates outside your personal network?

– What are developers looking for and how do you stand out?

– How do you know whether someone is good or not?

– Do degrees or specific tech experience matter any more?

– What are market salaries?

In this session, Seedcamp EiR David Mytton will take you through the key things you need to do to build your early engineering team, and what to consider as you scale your recruitment for the future.

More about David David was previously CEO at Server Density, a SaaS cloud monitoring product, before its acquisition by StackPath in 2018. He ran product engineering there in a team of around 300 people before leaving in 2019.

In Jan 2021 he launched, a free weekly newsletter for experienced engineers to find the best devtools and jobs.

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