Data and Analytics QA

Setting up your ‘data stack’ properly gets complicated really quickly.

– What are the best tools for our stage?

– How do we integrate them together such that our data is accurate and consistent?

– Is a single source of truth even possible? Which metrics should we be tracking?

– Are our charts even configured correctly?

– How do we enable & empower anyone in the company to answer data related question autonomously?

In this session, Dan Hopwood will be running a Q&A, getting stuck into the details of your most burning data & analytics questions. Nothing too simple or complicated, ask anything that is holding you back — perhaps you’re pre-launch and keen not to make common mistakes. Or maybe you have an existing stack and it just feels like it’s working against you rather than the asset it should be.

Whatever the case, you’ll walk away with a lot more clarity and answers that are immediately actionable. Dan is the Founder of Drivn (a consultancy specialising in data & analytics for startups) with over 10 years experience building and maintaining data/analytics systems, both for his own companies and Drivn’s client base. A highlight from last year was redesigning & building FATMAP’s entire data infrastructure in the lead up to their 9-figure acquisition by Strava.

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