Enabling Diversity & Inclusion through Behavioural Science and Design

Learn how to use behavioural science and design to embed diversity and inclusion across the business.

About this event

A lot of companies today are using behavioural science to build better products and nudge customers to do the “right thing”. So why not use the same tools to build better and more inclusive organisations? This workshop is designed for founders and their teams to get them started using behavioural design when embedding diversity & inclusion across the business. The workshop is organised by Bibi Groot, Head of Behavioural Science at Fair HQ, & Kate Pljaskovova, Founder & CEO at Fair HQ.

In this workshop, you’ll:

-Understand the key elements of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

-Identify biases in your processes & behaviours

-Learn about common mistakes companies make when they embark on their D&I journey

-Explore the applications of behavioural design to overcome bias in your two key processes impacting D&I – Hiring & Performance

It’s a workshop, so prepare to work, collaborate with others & start thinking about your action plan!

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