From a Bored Room to a Boardroom

Over the last 11 years, Michael has dedicated his efforts to shaping the success story of Speedinvest, a pan-European Venture Capital fund. Beginning with a modest $10 million fund, the team has skyrocketed to managing over $1 billion in assets. Witnessing phenomenal growth, the team has expanded from a humble 6 to an impressive 100-plus individuals, facilitating more than 300 deals across the European landscape.

Throughout the years Michael worked with many founders and spent 2.000+ hours in board meetings, in all industries and across all stages. His experience spans a spectrum of crucial aspects in board dynamics, including board composition, preparation, how to discuss the right things and more. We will cover:

  • Managing your board: agenda setting and meeting length
  • Board composition
  • Problem-solving with board members
  • Leveraging Your Board & Having tough conversations

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