How to Make Your Customer the Hero of Your Brand Story?

Sonder & Tell is a brand strategy and tone of voice agency that solves problems with story as a tool. They’ve worked with businesses such as inploi, Sojo, Bumble, Lick, Jaguar Land Rover, and Rude Health; delivering strategic ideas as positive stories that unite teams and customers.
  • How to build “The Guide” for your brand? We will be exploring and highlighting the significance of the key components that represent your unique identity as a brand.
  • What you do for customers that no one else can? We will talk about how to find the power that sets you apart from other brands and is the core benefit that you offer to our customers.
  • How to find your north star? We will also be delving into the concept of unlocking our brand belief which can be described as our guiding light.
By focusing on these key ingredients, we will be able to establish a unique identity in the minds of our customers and create a strong brand image that resonates with them.
We will be joined by Alyssa and Izzy.
Alyssa Babaran a Senior Brand Strategist at S&T and a B2B enthusiast.
Izzy jacobs is a Growth Director who heads up S&T new business and growth team.

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