How to Scale Customer Acquisition Efficiently

What topics we covered:

– Defining customer acquisition: Where does it start and where does it end? Who’s responsibility is it?

– Channel mix strategy: How to identify and scale channels that work

– Channel mix optimisation: Useful framework for maximising customer acquisition ROI

– Measuring success: Approaches to make sure we are defining and tracking the right metrics

– Setting your teams up for success: How to structure a high performing customer acquisition team

More about Alidad Alidad Moghaddam is a London-based senior executive, angel investor, and advisor in the European technology ecosystem. Alidad’s career spans start-ups, scale-ups, growth companies and large global enterprises in a variety of commercial, growth and product leadership roles. He is an active angel investor and board advisor to numerous high growth technology companies in the US, UK and Europe, and also an EiR at Seedcamp. Most recently, Alidad ran the International Consumer Division and was VP of Growth responsible for Customer Acquisition & Engagement globally at trainline, and was a member of the executive team which led the company to one of the most successful technology IPOs on the London Stock Exchange in recent years. Before joining trainline, Alidad was the Group Commercial Director at blinkbox Entertainment, a digital entertainment platform owned by Tesco, where he was responsible for strategy, business planning, and corporate development. Prior to blinkbox, he was part of the executive team at private equity-backed fintech company TotallyMoney, where he ran marketing and product development. Prior to TotallyMoney, Alidad was part of the senior management team at, Europe’s largest finance and insurance aggregator, where he managed a portfolio of personal finance websites, and acted as product manager for the company’s credit comparison platform.

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