Positioning Your Way To Product-Market Fit

What topics we covered:

– Positioning your way to product/market fit: It’s critical for every successful startup to nail positioning early on. We’ll talk through how to build a repeatable process for building positioning, including capturing the value of a product to your target customer, and how to iterate on this towards quantifiable product/market fit.

– How to craft concise, captivating, creative value propositions: Writing short value propositions can be tricky. We’ll share some shortcuts to help you get creative when brevity matters – especially for website headlines, product releases, and elevator pitches.

– How to hang onto customer focus as you scale: As a small startup, customer focus feels effortless and natural. But when placed on a fast-paced scale trajectory, it’s incredibly easy to lose sight of those critical customer insights – or even worse, to purposefully ignore them for the sake of profit or growth at all costs. How do you systematize customer focus to ensure you keep their needs at the center of everything?

More about Alicia & James:

Alicia has 10+ years scaling fast-paced startups across US, EU and APAC resulting in one merger, one acquisition, and one IPO. – Head of PMM @ Deliveroo: launched & scaled 15 products including a global restaurant ad platform that generated 10% of global order volume in the first 12 months. – Top 5% performer at Deliveroo for 3 years – Built three early stage B2B marketing teams from scratch – Shortlisted, Product Marketer of the Year 2021 by PMA #16 on the 2021 Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers by PMA Writer, Customer Focus

James is a 10+ year product marketer specializing in the needs of early-stage tech startups. – Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year, 2021 – Built three early stage B2B marketing teams from scratch – Specialized expertise in high-growth startups – Writer, Building Momentum, for 1,600 subscribers Together they’ve built Moonshot – a course and community built by product marketing experts, for product marketing experts.

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