Product Vectors of Value with Sitar Teli, Connect Ventures

Our friends at Connect Ventures have developed a framework called Product Vectors of Value (PVV) used to evaluate a product’s long-term value and defensibility. We believe that all company and product leaders can benefit from thinking through PVVs in their product, both present and potential.
We’ve invited Sitar Teli, Partner at Connect Ventures to walk us through PVVs and their importance in product development. This framework can help businesses of all sizes to identify their competitive advantages and build sustainable, defensible products.
We’d love for you to check out Sitar’s blog post and join us to learn more about PVVs, and see how they can benefit your product development process.
More about Sitar
Sitar has been a VC since 2008, focusing on early-stage investments in vertical consumer and B2B markets such as gaming, education and health, as well as emerging areas such as web3. Prior to Connect, she was with Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, where she led their Series A round in SoundCloud. Sitar’s expertise is in products with network effects or community-led growth. Her investments include Woolf University, Outverse, Sidequest and Medall. Outside of work, she likes cooking, eating what she cooks and traveling (to places with great food). Sitar has a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Duke University.

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