Sustainability Strategy

We are hosting a workshop with Tyler Christie, ex-Head of Sustainability at Hopin and Seedcamp EiR and Katy Zack, UN Environment Programme Consultant and building the Tech Zero community to get tech companies of all stages to start their climate journey.

For founders: The goal is to help you assess where you are on your environmental journey, including key stumbling blocks / challenges and how to overcome them; help you understand what you need to do to get started on your environmental sustainability strategy, key action areas and resources.

What topics we covered:

  • ESG vs environment strategy – what it is and why to do it
  • Key benefits: business case for customers, attracting talent (plus avoiding risks/reporting)
  • Carbon footprint – where to start, defining metrics, measurement and impact
  • Understanding Net Zero – Emissions reductions, then offsets/removals
  • Measurement challenges: what to include; how to calculate
  • Actions to take now – self measurement, reduction hotspots to address, how to communicate and share with key audiences (investors, customers, team, etc)

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