Expert in Residence Program [Archive]

Published in September 2011

We believe it is important to help Seedcamp Founders build and strengthen their core. To do this, we leverage two sides of our program: Seedcamp Academy and advisor relationship building through our network.

We’ve watched startups meet a few hundred mentors through the Seedcamp process (opening the relationship door) and then bring on several of these mentors as Advisors into their businesses. We’ve seen just how effective and momentum driving it is to have top notch Advisors for the business early on. And while this evolution of a relationship from a one-day mentoring event to a longer term Advisory role has been happening naturally in some Seedcamp startups, we felt it would be useful for both Seedcamp startups and mentors to standardize this. If you look at the great technology businesses, novice founders have, time and again, had a handful of expert Advisors helping them on their long and often difficult journeys.

As such, our “Expert in Residence” program actively works to match Seedcamp startups with Advisors. This program enables those mentors who want to work even more closely with the startups, do just that. And we’re here to help along the way: Seedcamp provides guidance to both the startups and to the experts on how to setup the Advisor relationship and any documentation they will need to formalize such a relationship.

If you would like to be an Expert-in-Residence for one of our companies, please feel free to get in touch with us here.