How do you add value to companies?

Everyone these days talks about having a network. At Seedcamp, it’s integral to our DNA. Our volume uniquely places us to have the most impactful and highly engaged founder network in Europe. Whether it’s finding someone at a similar stage to troubleshoot problems or just a couple of steps ahead who can help shortcut learnings, our 1,000-person strong founder network is an unparalleled advantage. From the Seedcamp network alone, our founders have hired senior employees, raised capital, found their first customers, and received expert guidance to help take their business to the next stage.

The other thing we bring to the table is stage expertise. While no company looks the same, we are one of the very few funds with genuine expertise in getting early-stage companies to an impactful Series A. We are 100% committed to supporting early-stage founders to achieve what they need, on their terms and without encroaching on their way of doing things.

With the power of the Seedcamp Nation, we bring the right people to swarm around your needs – whatever they may be.

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