How we invest

Seedcamp VI: Our Investment Process

At Seedcamp, we back early-stage companies attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology. We believe speed to closing is a winning formula and something we endeavour to deliver to founders looking to partner with Seedcamp. For transparency, we’ve mapped out how our internal process works which you can read through below:

We are first-cheque investors, backing founders with investment amounts between $350K-$1M. It doesn’t matter where in your product development you are; if you think the Seedcamp Nation — the most powerful, collaborative, connected, and experienced network you’ll find — can help supercharge your idea, you’ve come to the right place. We have led first rounds in unicorn businesses like Wise, Revolut, and Hopin alongside the likes of Pleo and Sorare.

You can see all stages of the Seedcamp investment process below:

Step 1 – First Conversation with the Investment Team

We invite startups that look like they could be a fit for an initial call. This will include one or more members of the Seedcamp Investment Team. If we have more questions or we think another colleague would benefit from meeting the startup, we’ll set up a second call. We also might follow up with questions that have arisen from our due diligence and internal debrief via email.

Step 2 – Partner Pitch

The final stage in our process involves an interactive pitch to the entire Seedcamp Investment Team. During this 45-minute meeting, we will dig deeper into some of the key areas that we’ve identified during our due diligence. Any startup that is not successful at securing an investment from us can expect feedback as to why.


We’re a small but powerful team experienced in building conviction at the earliest stages. Following the final step in our process, we look to communicate swiftly to founders where we stand. If it’s a yes, then we’ll move to legals and get the round closed as soon as possible. When relevant, we’ll also work collaboratively with teams to bring angels and funds around the table to syndicate alongside us.