Joining up activities – Techcrunch and Seedcamp

In just the past 3-4 years, we’ve seen many great resources and events for startups organized. We are seeing a vibrant community emerge all across Europe. Yet there can be overlap and entrepreneurs with already a lack of time are overwhelmed with the question… how do I choose where to go?

In an effort to minimize the pain, Techcrunch , Seedcamp, and OpenCoffee applied the principle of open conversation to the scheduling of our Mini Seedcamps, TechcrunchTalks, OCC meetups by aiming to connect with the networks and events which bring together the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a region.

The first kick-off will be in Paris!

So the morning after our Mini Seedcamp Paris we have hooked up with Open Coffee Paris to create a special OpenCoffee Club meetup for entrepreneurs, developers and investors to chat, network and grow.

TechCrunch will then be hosting (as part of the Euro Tour ’09 ) a “TechCrunchTalk” panel discussion event as well on the day, 3pm-6.30pm followed by drinks and networking in conjunction with the Mini Seedcamp and OCC.

The TechCrunchTalk event is aimed at bringing together the web 2.0 startup and VC community to debate the next phase of the startup world. It will feature three quick-fire panel discussions with the hottest entrepreneurs and investors selected for their leading views on the market, and with topics focused around the following themes:

* What are the strengths of the French tech scene?
* Where and how can it be improved?
* Should French startups concentrate on France or scale across Europe?
* Is the VC community doing enough for entrepreneurs?
* What is the VC community looking for from French entrepreneurs?

The panel discussions will be followed by casual networking over drinks.

Find out more and buy tickets here .

We look forward to meeeting a diverse group of folks in Paris and get more connected across the short Eurostar distance!

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