Food creator JULIENNE BRUNO raises over £6 million to make the vegan prefix obsolete

Plant-based foods are becoming a key part of a more sustainable and ethical food chain. In recent years, consumer demand has increased significantly but so have their expectations for taste, texture, and nutritional value. Especially for alternative, dairy-free products, consumers are looking for high-quality, flavourful options.

This is why we are excited to double down on our investment in JULIENNE BRUNO.

Founded by Axel Katalan (previously concept developer for Alan Yau MBE and Co-Founder of deep location tech brand Pointr), a food lover passionate about recreating the boundless eating experiences one usually has with dairy and meat options, JULIENNE BRUNO offers a different perspective on plant-based food, creating familiar but new products for people to enjoy due to the quality of them, not because they’re vegan.

Since we first met Axel and the team and invested in early 2021, the creative food developer and producer has successfully developed “Collection 01,” a dairy-free experience consisting of three products: Burrella, Crematta, and Superstraccia. Inspired by classics, each product has been given an easily recognisable name yet allowing it to establish its own identity, making the vegan prefix obsolete – aligned with the brand’s belief in the power of both taste and the language used to describe food. 

Axel Katalan, Founder of JULIENNE BRUNO, highlights:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to everyone who is just hearing about us for the first time. We are one heart and many hands. Always curious and always hungry. The kitchen is our creative workshop and hospitality is our culture. Now, let’s sit & eat.”

The JULIENNE BRUNO team has grown to 16 employees with an entire production space in a London warehouse. Built from scratch, the HQ oversees the whole process from start to finish, including goods in, production, storage, and dispatch. The sourcing, processing, packing, and shipping of all of the products take place under one roof – ‘Kitchen 01’.

The team behind the brand includes Head of Product Development Albert Adria (a gastronomer with multiple Michelin Star awards, previously Head of Creativity at El Bulli, Founder Tickets Restaurant, Hoja Santa and Enigma), Head of Food Chi San (previously Head of Food for Alan Yau Projects, starting with Head Chef at Wagamama (1992) and following through to all projects such as Hakkasan, Busaba etc), Chief Commercial Officer Sunjiv Shah (previously General Manager of Uber Eats UK & Ireland and part of the founding team) and Board Advisor Alan Yau MBE (renowned for founding numerous ventures in gastronomy such as Hakkasan, Wagamama, Busaba Eathai and Park Chinois).

JULIENNE BRUNO products are available online at, in-store in the Foodhall at Selfridges London, and on the menu at select restaurants in London, such as the Big Mamma Group. The brand will also be launching in 45 Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and in 7 Whole Foods Market stores early this month. 

On why we invested, our Managing Partner Carlos Espinal comments:

“JULIENNE BRUNO’s “Collection 01” is not only a more sustainable and ethical alternative to dairy products but also tastes even better! Axel and his team are elevating the plant-based food experience without compromising on taste, texture, or nutritional value!”

We are thrilled to participate in the recent funding round led by Cherry Ventures, with participation from Outsized Ventures and Nicoya. The fresh funds will fuel the expansion of the brand and its larger vision for transforming the food industry. It will also support the partnerships with nationwide retailers, Selfridges London, Holland & Barrett, and Whole Foods Market, the expansion of the team, and the creation of the sweet side of ‘Collection 01’. 

To get a real taste of the JULIENNE BRUNO experience, visit/place an order

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