Mini Seedcamp Tel Aviv – 16th of February

We are very happy to announce we will be returning to Tel Aviv in February for another Mini Seedcamp at the Afeka College of Engineering. As last year, we are eager to see what the internet technology start ups in Israel are doing to disrupt and innovate their sectors.

We are especially interested as we have seen some great companies out of Israel at various mini Seedcamps last year, and even have two local teams in the area – both Ineze and Sparkeo, winners of Seedcamp week 2010, are from Israel. In addition to this, Saul, who is spending a year in Tel Aviv to scout the local start up scene for Index Ventures, has been uncovering a trove of great mentors and acquaintances to help us make the most of the day for all attendants.
Israel’s focus on technology innovation is impressive, and we hope to see some really cool and disruptive products and services being pitched at Seedcamp Tel Aviv. As you can see in this list of companies making more than 10 million in annual revenue, Israel has a lot of huge internet and technology companies – let’s build the next generation of these!
If you are a start up from Tel Aviv, Israel, the Middle East or Africa, apply and let us know about what you are building. The usual rules apply – we are looking for technically focused teams with great ideas and big ambitions, with a stellar team and a product to show off. After seeing an incredible number of applications for our last Mini Seedcamp in London, we can’t wait to see what Tel Aviv has in store. If you want more information, check out the dedicated page for Seedcamp Tel Aviv. As a team, be prepared to spend a high-powered day with some amazing mentors from the European and Israeli tech scene, providing important introductions and insight that will accelerate your business ‘by months, if not more than a year’, as we heard from a recent Seedcamp participant.
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