Office Hours

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If you’re a European founder looking for pre-seed or seed funding then Office Hours is a great way to meet the Investment Team at Seedcamp. During Office Hours you have the opportunity to spend 15 minutes with Seedcamp and our key investors to discuss your startup 1-2-1. We host office hours events throughout Europe and typically you can apply to participate in these via AngelList or f6s.

This is a unique opportunity to:

  • Meet the Seedcamp Investment Team
  • Present your startup and receive early feedback
  • Understand what areas of your presentation/business you need to sharpen
  • Learn how Seedcamp invests

Most importantly you’ll receive sound advice from individuals who see hundreds of startups per year.

What happens after Office Hours? Dependent on the feedback given during the session, a typical next step towards a pre-seed investment from Seedcamp would be to apply through our application form on the website specifically mentioning that you have already met us in person. We will then be able to make a quicker decision on investment when it comes to closing applications. If you are looking for seed funding then we would typically keep in touch until you found a lead investor for your round, at which point we can then also make a quick decision on co-investing.